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6 Tips to Style Polo Shirts with Chino Pants

The fashion industry is forever evolving, and it has introduced us to attires that can turn heads at any event. There are pieces of wardrobe that can be worn for specific events like coats for formal outings or shorts for casual retreats. However, some clothing pieces can be ideal for all occasions like polo shirts and chino pants. Both are a perfect mixture of casual and formal; when worn together, they can surely level up your fashion game.

The multipurpose chino pants and polo shirts have grown famous over the years, and you can often see celebrities rocking the attires on television and on the red carpet. We have gathered some tips for you on how to style polo shirts with chino pants.


Getting new attire is one thing but knowing how to style it and what other piece of clothing can be the perfect fit for is a different ballgame. That’s where we step in with our tips to help you dress to impress. Let’s go through these tips which are listed below.


Wearing polo shirts with chinos is a smart move but how you wear them together can vary depending on the type of event. Although both are suitable for all types of occasions, a little styling up can help you look appropriate.


Formal events like dinners or parties give you a scope to get creative with your dressing. Look no further and wear a plain polo shirt with contrasting chino pants. Comply with the formal nature of the event by tucking your polo shirt in.


Casual occasions are usually meant for recreation like an outing on the beach or a get-together with friends. For times like this, you can choose multicolor polo shirts with matching chinos. You can wear casual shoes to complete your look for the event and enjoy it to the fullest in one of the most relaxing attires you’ll ever come across.


Corporate events like business meetings and trips require you to be dressed sharply. While traditional suits with formal shirts and pants have their charm, you can stand out with a polo shirt and chino pants. To give yourself a more corporate look, you can don a blazer on top of your polo shirt. The contrasting colors can be delightful to the eyes, and you can leave a lasting impression. You can also wear a black polo shirt with a dark-colored blazer. Either way, you can make your presence felt.


Polo shirts tend to look good with any sort of pants and even with shorts. However, one thing to keep in mind is comfort. The material used in the production of FHS polo shirts is top tier, but size can make a difference. For your attire, it is equally important to select the right size. You don’t want to wear either too tight or loose clothes. For comfortable mobility, it is advised to go for the perfect fit.


Tucking in your shirt allows you to be more creative as you can display your stylish belt. This option is viable for formal outings and for casual visits you have the scope to test with your chino pants. Handcuffed chinos are the way to go if you want to be completely casual. Your shoes can be fully visible too with these chinos.

This brings us to the end of our tips for styling polo shirts with chino pants. The fact that a majority is choosing this attire is a portrayal of its popularity. Add some to your wardrobe and keep up with the latest trends. Check out these polo shirts and chinos and select from a wide variety of attires listed. You can shop online from the comfort of your home. For more clothing items, shoes and accessories, visit FHS Official and have your pick.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips.


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