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5 Unique German Watches that are 100% Handmade!

German watches are known for their unique styles and innovative designs. Given Germany’s reputation for superior engineering, everyone knows that investing in a made in Germany timepiece guarantees the highest standards of craftsmanship. In this article we will guide you through some of the characterizing features that make German timepieces stand out from the rest of the crowd, presenting some of the most striking models from Tufina. Read on to learn more about 5 Tufina German watches that are 100% handmade.

Florida Diamonds Pionier

A watch with an exquisite classic look, Florida Diamonds is crafted following German standards of quality and accuracy. A fine piece of accessory fit for a gentleman who appreciates unique designs and effortless versatility, this timepiece manifests the beauty and elegance of the Tufina brand. Its precise mechanics and impeccable engineering guarantee a lifespan of many years, making the Florida Diamonds Pionier an investment not only in style but also in functionality. Whether you prefer a gold, rose or silver finish, this watch will satisfy your tastes.

San Francisco Theorema

San Francisco Theorema is a gorgeous handmade timepiece, made with German engineering techniques to create something strikingly unique and different. Taking inspiration from the suspension bridge of San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge – this detailed mechanical watch beautifully exhibits its mechanisms. Its impressive skeleton design, fine details, and genuine cow leather bands combine together to create an extravagant luxury timepiece. A characterizing feature of the San Francisco is the unforgettable impression it creates on people. This timeless luxury accessory is hard to forget, creating an aura of luxury and prestige for whoever wears it.

Venezia Theorema

Venezia is a luxury timepiece which perfectly represents Tufina’s legacy of fine craftsmanship. Beautifully decorated with elegant artisanal embroidery, this watch stands out as one of the best timepieces from the Theroema collection. The ideal watch for the gentleman who appreciates something completely different, Venezia is a timepiece which speaks of originality, creativity and authenticity. Second to none when it comes to intricate designs, this timepiece comes in a variety of color schemes. Its open back allows a clear view of its mechanisms which perfectly manifest German engineering standards. A watch fit for those who want to invest in gorgeous statement pieces, Venezia guarantees impeccable style.

Geneva Tourbillon Pionier

A superior timepiece when it comes to style and accuracy, Geneva Tourbillon sports a beautiful open-heart face with 12 diamonds. This design allows you to have a clear view of its mechanism and caliber, which makes this watch perfect for the gentleman who values excellent engineering. An exquisite masterpiece which guarantees a sense of confidence for the one who wears it, Geneva Tourbillon can be worn on any occasion. Available in a variety of color combinations, this handmade beauty is a stylish addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe.

St. Petersburg Theorema

A harmonious combination of elegance, luxury and style, St. Petersburg from the Theorema collection is a perfect manifestation of German quality watchmaking. An open back design allows you to see its elegant and complex details, making this timepiece a true work of art. Many intricate parts and carefully crafted gears work in unison giving life to this fascinating luxury watch. Its incabloc shock protection system ensures high resistance and durability, making St. Petersburg an investment not only in style, but also in quality. Meticulously hand assembled by Tufina’s skilled craftsmen, this timepiece features a gold plated case and a genuine leather band, guaranteeing authenticity and glamorous style.


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