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5 Tips on Electrical Safety During Renovations

When building a new residential or commercial space, we take extra measures to ensure that all the electrical lines are laid out properly to avoid any inconvenience or mishappenings in the future. But when it comes to renovating a space, our concerns regarding electricity tend to take the backseat, often paving the way to the possibility of accidents of all kinds. To secure you, your space, and the workers involved against any such accidents from our 24-hour electricians in Berwickwe have brought for you 5 tips to ensure you an electrically safe renovating experience. So, go through them and follow them from the tip to the end and keep all troubles at arm’s length.

1.  Seek the guidance of a certified electrician

When it comes to dealing with anything involving electricity, the first thing to do is seek the help of an expert electrician who can take control of all the dangerous electrical tasks. Now, whatever space you may be renovating, may it be a residential or commercial space, you would have an existing system of electrical wires and outlets running through the entire structure, even within the walls that must not be visible to the naked eye. These electrical lines, when not dealt with care, lead to accidents of all sorts, and therefore consulting an electrician who can properly inspect the space and guide you through it all becomes necessary.

What will an expert electrician do for your site?

  • They will conduct a thorough inspection of the site and do a proper risk assessment to determine all electrical hazards and help prepare against them all.
  • Help formulate a foolproof electrical safety plan.
  • Bring all the electrical safety testing equipment to the site and ensure you a hassle-free and safe renovation experience.
  • Ensure the proper usage of all electrical safety equipment like voltage regulators, cord protectors, and circuit breakers to prevent all electrical accidents from taking place.

2.  Do a proper run through all the local electrical codes

If you want the renovation of your space to proceed without any roadblocks, the first and foremost thing you need to do is go through the local electrical codes of your area, acquire all the necessary permissions and then proceed as per the guidelines. Every locality has its own separate guidelines to ensure a safe working environment while building or renovating a space and then a safe living/commercial space. If you don’t abide by then you will not only encounter several legal issues in the future but also compromise the safety of both the ones working and living in your space. So, make sure you do a proper run through all the electrical codes of your area and then make sure that they are followed at each step.

3.  Never resort to DIY without proper knowledge

While renovating your space you might think, why hire an electrician when you can simply turn off the power supply and keep all the hazards at bay? Why consult an electrician and request an inspection when all the electrical lines were working properly before the renovation? These are some questions that often make us engage in electrical DIY without having proper knowledge of the work concerned in the first place. Electricity should always be handled with nothing but care and when it comes to electricity, you can never be too cautious. So, make sure that even if you engage in DIY, you do it after consulting an expert.

4.  Be prepared against any electrical outages

While electricity can lead to several accidents in your space under renovation, it is also a prerequisite for the working of several equipment and machinery without which your renovation work could come to halt. So, in case of an electrical outage or a power cut, you would have no option to pause the work that will lead to unexpected delays.

How to prepare against electrical outages at a renovation site?

  • If the equipment under consideration could be charged beforehand, make sure that you do so. That would reduce your dependence on electricity on the renovation site and also reduce the possibility of electricity-related accidents.
  • In case of an unexpected electrical power outage, which is always a possibility, have a portable or standby generator at hand.

5.  Never skip wearing protective gear on site

No matter how cautious you are, you cannot completely do away with the possibility of an accident when it comes to a renovation space. So, to ensure the safety of everyone involved including you and your workers, make sure that everyone arrives at the site with all protective gear intact. When it comes to work involving electrical equipment, the protective gear includes a hard hat, glove, eye, and hearing protection, flame resistant clothing, leather footwear, etc.

Extra electrical safety tips for extra safety

  1. Say no to water. As electricity and water never go well, the magnitude of any electrical accident would be manifold in the presence of water.
  2. Take the renovation as an opportunity to upgrade your electricity lines.
  3. Never overload your electrical outlets as it could lead to short circuits and electrical fires.
  4. Always have a fire extinguisher at hand to deal with the unexpected.
  5. Ensure that every worker engaged at the site is well-versed in basic electrical safety measures.

So, these are the few electrical safety tips to live by during renovations of any kind. In case you have any such renovation at hand, get in touch with us at Direct Point Electrical and our electricians would make sure to secure for you a safe renovation experience free of any electrical hazards.


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