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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Pillow Box

The gesture of presenting a gift to your loved ones is considered elegant and breathtaking for the person who received it. However, it doesn’t make them appealing; you can make them attractive and fascinating for your target audiences. On this subject, the use of pillow boxes is best to present your items in the pool of competitors. Thus, you need to use pillow boxes that increase the quality of your product and make them enchanting for your target audience. Now it’s time to see the parameters you need to consider when choosing esthetic custom pillow boxes for your audiences.

Pillow Box Must Be Attractive

The first tip is to check how much your packaging style appeals to your target audience? So, your custom pillow boxes must be fascinating and surprising for your target audiences. When you talk about the enthralling look of packaging boxes, it must have pleasant artwork, brand specification, nice adjustment of the logo, and add-on to escalate the value of your product. Also, you can increase the beautification of your products with the finest quality printing techniques. Moreover, you need to use esthetic design patterns to make them innovative and distinctive from other brands. There is some design that you can use for your audiences.

  • Intricate lines
  • Floral design
  • Blurring effect
  • Abstract design

Also, the design of your pillow boxes wholesale must be best attractive and according to the need of your pillow boxes to fulfill their requirements.

It Must Be Protective

Quality is the first priority of any brand, so it must be secure and durable. Therefore, pillow boxes are designed intelligently, and it is protective and easily assembled without using any extra adhesive. Plus, the curve die-cut helps them to secure your fragile items. Also, you can create boxes in different sizes according to the weight of your product.

Choose Durable And Eco-friendly Cardstock for Pillow Box

After the appearance of your pillow boxes, the protection of your product is mandatory to make your brand recognized in the industry. Thus, you need to pick a durable option for the construction of your pillow boxes likewise; cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated as per the demand of your product. Also, you choose any range of thickness from 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt, and 24pt.  Also, if you can choose corrugated cardstock for pillow boxes, choose its flutes carefully.

However, always choose eco-friendly cardstock for your pillow boxes. And for this purpose, use of Kraft is the best nature-friendly option for your brand. It superbly absorbs moisture and tear-resistance so, you can blindly trust this stock to produce pillow boxes.

Attach Handles with Large Size Pillow Boxes

If you are selling apparel, cosmetics, and jewelry, you need to pack your items in secure boxes. Therefore, you need multiple sizes of pillow boxes according to your product demand. On this subject, if you sell a heavier product, then you can add handles to your large pillow boxes. It will help you to easily carry your products in their hand.

Make Your Printed Pillow Informative

If you want to choose the right custom boxes, it must be informative to explain complete information about your products and brand. Moreover, if your custom pillow boxes are talkative, they create a positive and profitable relationship among the brand and customers. Add to this, if you provide pillow boxes for favor and gifts, then you can print personalized equations or taglines on your pillow boxes. Well, the application of foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and UV coatings to highlight your printed text on your pillow boxes spellbind the users’ minds for a long time. Moreover, the extraordinary and bewitching look of product packaging bound your customers to buy your product again and again.

Ending Up Thoughts The aforementioned discussion explains the tips that help you pick the right pillow boxes for your brand. In this regard, you need to pick custom pillow boxes that are attractive, protective, durable, handles and make them informative. If you can never get such aesthetic pillow boxes, you don’t feel able to put a positive image on your customer’s mind. Furthermore, you can provide the best unboxing experience. Now it is all up to you what you need to choose for your customers.


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