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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Cat Breeds

There is an increasing number of people interested in cats. This is why these feline pets have made their way into many homes within and outside this country. This is aside from the number of shelters committed to giving stray cats a better shot at life.

The question on many people’s minds is why well over 350 million cats have made their way into homes all around the world. Frankly, there are several reasons for this.

The amazing feeling of a cat’s loyalty and improved cardiovascular health are just a few of the reasons. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.helpguide.org/

The point is that deciding to get a cat is a good choice considering all the benefits involved. However, you need to understand that there are responsibilities as well.

As a responsible feline owner, you need to know the demands of your cat and how you can meet those needs. To do this, you need to start by getting a breed that fits right into your lifestyle. Doing this will save you a lot of difficulties.

To help out, this article will address some things that should inform your choice amongst the several feline breeds. We hope that you keep reading and pay attention so that informed decisions will be made when getting a feline companion.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Cat Breed

How to Choose a Cat: 8 Tips for Finding the Right One for You - PetHelpful

Some resources suggest feline breeds without bringing you up to speed with the demands of raising them. We suggest that such information should not be the only factors that inform your decisions.

Sphynx cats are curious, affectionate, intelligent, hospitable, and most of all extroverted for instance. Be that as it may, adopting or buying a Sphynx cat simply because you like these qualities is not enough.

You need to know all that is required in raising the feline creature. On that note, sphynx cats have very sensitive skin. As a result, they need to be bathed often, provided with warm clothing during the cold season, and may even need to be protected with sunscreens during the warm season.

The point is that you need to know the benefits as well as downsides involved in raising the preferred feline companion. Against this backdrop, below are some things that should be considered when choosing cat breeds:

How the Cat Fares with Dogs

If you already have a dog or plan to do so, you need a cat that will have no problem with having another pet. For the record, some of these feline creatures can be very territorial.

For some, it is about not having another pet stealing away the affection of their human companion. So, you need to be certain that yours can cope with another pet.

Speaking of breeds that are fine with dogs around, you can consider Birman, Bombay, Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Maine Coon, Siberian, Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest cat, Tonkinese, Japanese Bobtail, Turkish Angora, and several others. For more options, you can click here.

How the Cat Fares with Kids

You cannot just settle for any cat when kids are involved. This is because kids have their excesses and need a feline companion that will fare well with them.

On this note, you should know that some feline breeds are not advised for owners that have kids. Such include Himalayan, Savannah, Singapura, Turkish Van, and Russian Blue. These and a couple of others are not best for owners that have kids, especially those below the age of three.

On the other hand, such owners can choose felines such as Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese, Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Manx, Burmese, and several others. These are usually great with kids regardless of their age. They can accommodate many of the excesses of kids and would make great play partners.

Health Condition

There are feline breeds that are generally healthy for the most part. They may be vulnerable to certain health challenges but it is not as much as some other breeds.

It is strongly advised that you know the common health conditions of the feline breed you are considering. This will help you make informed decisions. If you eventually end up with the breed, it will also help you know how to keep your cat in the right state and shape.

To this end, some of the healthiest options include Ragamuffin, Savannah, Russian Blue, American Shorthair, Balinese, Maine Coon, Egyptian Mau, Siamese, Manx, American Wirehair, Singapura, Bombay, European Shorthair, Siberian, Chausie, Chartreux, Korat, Bengal, and LaPerm.

On the contrary, some that are known to have fragile health include Sphynx and Abyssinian. You need to know how your eventual breed is as it concerns health.


Some people have allergies and need cat breeds that will not complicate things. Such people are sometimes better off with felines that have little or no fur coat. This makes the Sphynx and Devon Rex good options for them.

But even some felines with medium to long fur coats are good as well. Generally speaking, some of the felines good for people with allergies include Burmese, Oriental Shorthair, Balinese, Javanese, Cornish Rex, and Siberian.

Attention Seeking Level

It is not wise to generalize statements when referring to cats. Some people make statements that imply that cats are more reserved than dogs for example. This is a general statement and does not cut it as some breeds are not this way.

Such felines are very clingy and happen to be high attention seekers. Just so you know, such cats are more vulnerable to a mental health condition known as separation anxiety.

So, you need to be able to meet and manage their attention-seeking needs if you have them. Some felines in this category include Sphynx, Ragdoll, Burmese, Scottish Fold, Tonkinese, Birman, and Kurilian Bobtail.

On a Final Note

In addition to all that has been explained here, you are advised to make good use of a cat breed guide when you need to choose a feline breed. The guide must be detailed so that you can check several options. You can see the Holistapet guide for cat breeds to understand how detailed it has to be.

Some things that need to be considered before choosing a cat breed have been explained here. These are very important things to consider and so you should take them seriously.


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