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5 Strategies for Selling Your Home

We’re going to provide you with some advice if you want to sell your house and want to do so in less than seven days. Titanium Real Estate Agency wants to make the process of selling your home as simple as possible. While we will quickly buy your house, we will also provide you with some advice on how you may sell it on your own. With the introduction of new technologies and online real estate portals, the real estate industry has evolved recently. Real estate transactions are rapidly becoming digitalized, making it simpler and quicker than ever to sell your home. Since the sector offers us more options, it only makes sense that we should be aware of the tools and opportunities it provides.

List of 5 Strategies

At first look, it might appear straightforward to sell a house, but doing so quickly calls for planning and preparation. Nevertheless, hold out hope, exercise patience, and heed this advice:

Documents for purchase

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork for the unit in your possession before posting an advertisement or “for sale” sign. Energy certificates, community certificates, and deeds… Make sure they are in order first and foremost. You won’t be able to sell your house if you don’t comply with these criteria. Additionally, the sale will be more chaotic and involve more paperwork than is necessary if you attempt to change the documents as you start the process of selling your home. The purchase and sale process will be handled by a Notary Public and presented at the Property Registry once all required paperwork has been acquired. If you don’t have all of this paperwork in order, selling your house will take longer and even cost more money.

Study the market

Understand the housing market. This advice for selling a house is among the most crucial. To determine if now the ideal moment to sell your flat is, you must first determine the state of the market. Additionally, by doing it this way, you will learn how to accurately evaluate it, enabling you to decide for certain whether to accept any offers you receive. You can find out how much other nearby houses or residences with comparable features to your own have fixed their prices.


Reforming and updating the appearance of an outmoded house might increase its worth by up to 20%. Your apartment will benefit greatly from this compared to other renovated homes, which will raise the value of your flat. Try pushing a partition, for instance, to gain a few meters. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms, two areas that are most important when appraising an apartment would be a wise choice. The doors, windows, and floors are another important feature that buyers focus on because they not only contribute to the home’s visual appeal but also its ability to sustain its energy use. Perhaps you don’t want to spend money on a house that needs extensive renovations. Nevertheless, it can be a good idea to replace any damaged items in the house, such as doorknobs, windows, or really outdated plugs.


It’s crucial to give the kitchen and bathrooms a thorough cleaning, especially. The cleanliness and orderliness of these areas are crucial if you plan to sell your home with storage space. If the owner smokes or has pets, ventilating the house or using air fresheners are actions that will give guests a positive first impression of the house.

Post on websites for real estate

Today, the majority of real estate transactions take place online; all available properties are listed online, and all potential purchasers conduct their apartment searches online. Do not, however, believe that selling your apartment online will be simple and quick. You will need to put in some work to ensure that every aspect of the sale is flawless and ready for publication. We must consider all the small aspects. For instance, if the first photo in your ad is blurry or from a non-representative room (like the storage room), the buyer is unlikely to pause to look at the rest of the ad, and you risk losing them. This is merely an illustration, but it also applies to your demeanor during calls and visits and to the upkeep of the place you’ll be instructing. There are many online marketplaces where ads can be published as a result of the shift in age and the introduction of new digital media. You can market the property for free on portals like Nphp. You’ll get in touch with local buyers who are interested. These platforms offer a variety of filters that can help you position your home for those who are looking for a home with the same features as yours. In this way, you won’t have to move in order for people to find your house and learn more about it. The more people who see your apartment, the more likely it is that someone will buy it.

Enticing Advertising

In order to provide engaging content, which goes beyond simply releasing the book, images are crucial. Perhaps it would be important to think about working with a professional to get images that are of the greatest caliber and that highlight the best features of the house. A photograph should have three essential elements: space, light, and warmth. As a general rule, there will be one photograph every stay. You should use a professional camera because the quality of the images is more crucial than their quantity. The most crucial step is to open all the shades and switch on every light in the house to make it as bright as possible. Additionally, there are websites that enable you to post videos of your home, which might be interesting because it would be like a virtual visit. A thorough description of the house, including its square footage and furnishings, energy certification, elevator, and house design, is just as crucial as the images. Information on commercial services, educational institutions, cultural institutions, or transportation services is always helpful in encouraging the consumer to make a choice.


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