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5 Secret Tips When Your Wifi Stops Working

Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of a serious online work, your Wifi suddenly stops working for no reason. Yes, it happens without warning but it could also be for specific reasons. Foremost, you might not be aware but when you’re some distance away from your router, the Wifi signals struggle to reach your device.

As well, you might not notice that there are some obstructions between your router and the device you’re currently using. So erratic disconnections are inevitable. Here are tips shared by experts on what to do if your Wifi stops working for no reason.

When Your Wifi Stops Working: 5 Tips

1. Restart your modem and router.

This is the most basic thing to do before everything else. To do this, unplug the power cords if the router and modem are installed separately. After 2 to 5 minutes, plug them back in, modem first. Wait for another 2 minutes before testing your Wifi.  

2. Check your network cable.

Once the modem and router have been rebooted, you’ll see lights on your router. Although each device has its own set of lights, there will always be one that indicates a Wide Area Network (WAN). This is the one to look out for. 

If you see a red blinking light or the red light is off, the network cable that links your router to the modem might not be properly plugged in. Knowing the meaning of the lights’ colours is essential in order to identify the status of your network connections. Typically, a solid green light signifies a stable connection but an orange or red light implies something is amiss.

3. Try connecting your Wifi network from a different device.

You wouldn’t have a way of knowing whether the problem is with your router or computer. Hence, connecting your Wifi network from a different device, say, a smartphone can help determine which of the two is problematic. 

4. Connect your router with an Ethernet cable.

Plug a separate Ethernet cable into an available port found at the back of the router to see if there’s a problem with the router or computer. If your Wifi is not functioning on your computer while your other devices can connect, now is the time to connect it directly to your router using an Ethernet cable.

5. Do a factory reset.

After doing the steps above and still nothing is working, you always have the option of resetting your router to factory settings, that is, if you’re confident that you can do it yourself. It might be a bit daunting especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

Nevertheless, you need to list down your router’s default username and password because resetting your router will delete your passwords, network names including other custom settings. Likewise, take note of all the changes you’ve done on the router settings.

To do the reset, use a tiny, thin object to long- press the reset button which is found at the back of your router for around 30 seconds. The router lights will flash a few times. Now, once the router and modem have been reset, you may now proceed to changing your Wifi network and password back to the original.  

Still, if you want to avoid further hassle, you can always contact your provider. Surely, they have all the ways to make your connection good again plus home wifi internet plans that work best for you. 


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