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5 Best Gps Trackers For Small Fleets

The idea of fleet management is not new. Although the pandemic has revived the value of telecommuting and remote offices, fleets have been operational for at least a decade. It is not necessary to reexamine the notion that truckers can carry big freight a considerable distance along interstates.

Before the epidemic, fleet management was not, however, taken seriously. Truckers and fleet managers never had to link up with expensive fleet management programs, which ultimately kept the logistical and mobility costs to a minimal even though the occasional accident was always around the corner.

Fortunately, fleet management software has made it possible to better integrate, monitor, and connect trucks—those original mobile offices—to a fleet’s broader goal. However, that link depends on your capacity to track your automobiles using GPS.

Here are five best fleet GPS tracking system you can use to monitor your fleet, improve driver management, and truly turn the open road into your office.

  1. Portable Spytec STI GL 300

Despite the SpyTec GL 300’s two-inch size, which makes it possible to conceal it, I wouldn’t advise doing so due to how many drivers see GPS trackers. Many drivers have the impression that trackers are “Big Brother” technology. So, if you choose a tracker that can be hidden simply, let drivers know you’re installing it.

But if you do find yourself in a circumstance where you must covertly follow a driver, the GL 300 would be a wise option. It doesn’t require a plug and has a two-week battery life, so it should last for some time.

  1. Obd Fleet Tracker Matrack

The best thing about Matrack is its wide selection of goods, which range from detachable, vintage OBG plug-ins to solar hardwired systems. We will discuss the MA-OBD plug-in model just for the sake of usability, even if the hardwired fleet tracker is adequate for older cars and more as an asset tracker for detachable trailers.

Through providing insights into the diagnostics, this tracker enables you to keep an eye on the health of the car. Additionally, its weather-proof construction guarantees diverse usage while the tough design makes it simple to transport.

  1. Portable Vehicle Tracker By Aspenta

The Vectu tracker by Aspenta is a reliable GPS alternative. Like the GL 300, it is only slightly larger than a driver’s license or a flip phone from the early 2000s. It may be configured to send you push notifications or SMS messages whenever a vehicle departs a specific area, just as the GL 300. Additionally, you may view the location of your vehicles online or via the myAspenta app for Android or iPhone.

  1. Optimus 2.0: Ideal For Covert Use

The Optimus 2.0 presents itself as a very dependable alternative for people wishing to employ a fleet tracker in the clandestine mode because to the strong real-time vehicle tracking performances and its capacity to assist managers in monitoring speed and route information.

  1. Mastrack Live Vehicle Tracker MT-OBD

The MT-OBD Live Vehicle Tracker gets its name from the near-real-time updates it provides on a vehicle’s location. And the changes aren’t merely done quickly. Additionally, it is simple to install; all you need to do is put it into the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port of your car to get started. It supports geofencing, just like the other trackers listed, so you can track when your drivers enter specific zones.


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