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15 Questions To Ask In A OPT Job Interview

An OPT Job Interview with an international employer or student is a different important part in which there are much research and knowledge required. A student with an OPT looks for a career boost-up.

There are many OPT jobs and there are many questions that can work as a game-changer for both employer and the student. The list of questions is very important to prepare as they decide the final result.

OPT jobs for international students are of many types and there are some questions that can be faced by both students and employers. Let us jump to the top fifteen questions that can be faced by the students and employers equally.

Job type

There are many types of OPT jobs in the USA. An employer can hire an international student as an intern, part-timer, or full-time in order to train them.

When facing the interview, the job type can be cleared by the employer or should be asked by the student.

A student can choose any type of job in their field of study anyway.

Paid or unpaid

Every international student at some time is very much clear about their role in the USA and the role as an OPT employee. A student can apply for many different types of h1 jobs in which some are paid and some are not.

A student can ask the money or credit they will be paid during the OPT interview.


OPT student jobs can be found within the guidelines of the USCIS. A student can work for 40 hours a week the most. They cannot work more than that. So, a student must know the duration or timing of the work they are being hired for.

The duration of the employment can also be explained if the job is contracted. The duration talks about the date of joining of the student and the termination of the contract that comes with the job.


What is OPT and what are the policies that an employer follows for OPT students are important to know. There can be many policies for an international student for temporary work.

An employer might have a contract or list of profiles for them, a leave policy, or a termination policy, there can be many.

Employment opportunity – OPT Job Interview

Not every employer that hires OPT students for temporary basic can hire them for a long time. Not every OPT jobs for international students turn into permanent job in the USA. A student can clearly talk about the opportunities that they will get with the employer for the long term.

Learning outcomes

What is OPT?

It is a work authorization rather than an employment permit. So, the main aim of OPT is to provide training to international students in their field of study. The main purpose is to learn, a student can ask about the challenges that they will face with them for learning purposes.


This point comes for both parties. A student’s expectation for a long employment opportunity with them and an employer’s expectation for better performance and value addition by the student can be discussed. 


An OPT extension can also be used for employment purposes under which a student can either move to another status or continue their OPT job interviewer with the same employer. During an interview, a student and an employer can discuss their extension period together.

Strengths and weaknesses

This point is very common in any interview for which every student prepares. OPT student jobs are no different from this. A student should prepare this part of the interview for any job they wish to apply for.

When it comes to discussing the weakness of a student, they should provide terms that are not really a weakness but indirect strength. 

Why should we hire you?

Jobs for OPT students are many in the USA and that also increases the competition among the students. Facing this question includes answers about the background of the student and what makes them different from any other international candidate.

  1. Future plans or strategy

Future plans of every international student are also asked in the visa interviews so basically many students have some sorted answer for this. A future plan can also differ from employer to employer. One can face this answer in order to get checked about their commitment towards the company.

  1. Hobbies

Any company that hires for a temporary or long-term basis does not only look for workaholics but creative candidates. A student might face this question about their different interests and desires or hobbies that can be used in their career development as well.

Having a hobby is also important for which no employer would like to work with a person of no extra talent. But a student should not reciprocate this question as it will not leave a professional impression.

  1. Why this career

OPT students’ jobs are strict to be provided in their own field of study. A student can face the question about their choice for the subject and what interests them the most. 

The career choice by a student can have many reasons or references which they can use in answering this question. The personal choice for any career can be an interesting part and helpful part of an interview.

  1. Skills

Technical and soft skills are the major parts that help in the final selection of the student. Skills are the most important part that a student should also add to their resume. Skills must be related to the field of the career or profession.

The most important skill that a student should talk about is time management, leadership skills, teamwork, and some other technical skills.

  1. Basic history or background

The background of both the company and the student can also be discussed in an OPT interview. Questions related to the educational background of the student and their experience.

The history of the company or the firm can be discussed if the student is interested or the interview starts with it. There is nothing boring but interactive about such dialogues. 


OPT job interviews are important conversations between an employer and the student. Here are the top 15 questions that can be asked or discussed by both the employer and the student.

They all are relevant to both parties. An interview is a time when there can be a clear conversation about the OPT job. The job type, duration, payment, policy, and extension are among all the important questions that can be asked by the student.

Whereas, skills, hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses are the major area for the employer. 


What is an opt-round interview?

There are multiple rounds in some interviews. An OPT-round interview is one such thing. In which there are overall 2-4 rounds. Each round consists of technical and soft skill tests. There is an interview round with an HR as well that is the final round.

How can I prepare for an interview in the USA?

A student can prepare for an interview in the USA with the help of interview tutorials available online. They can also ask for assistance online or from people with a maximum number of interview experience in or outside the USA.

What questions will employers ask?

There are no exact questions that one can predict but there are areas of a topic in which employers ask a lot of questions. Areas like skills, future plannings, educational background, strengths-weakness, and many others.

How do you answer why we should hire you?

This question is often scary for many students but the answer is simple. The main aim of this question is to see how a student or candidates will define themselves. If a candidate knows their own skills and their own importance then they can easily answer this question. 


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