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10 Ways to Make Learning Fun and Interactive

We are living in an era where the current generation is raised with technology. They are the type of folks who have who can’t live with their gadgets or the internet. They want an internet service that keeps them connected at home and on the go. Like charter internet, it has hotspots at various locations in the US to keep its subscribers connected even when they are away from home.

In times like these where attention snap is low and in-person communication is limited, parents and teachers often struggle to keep the students engaged. In fact, it’s a dilemma to keep the students interested in a subject they don’t like.

Fear not, we are here with some useful tips.

1: Make It Fun

This may sound cliché but making a subject fun can encourage students to fall in love with the subject. Look for ways to make the learning process fun. Create a competition or a game. Use a song or take the help of videos. You may also add funny cartoons. If you manage to make them laugh, they might not forget the subject.

2: Instill Learning Through Routine

If the subject is difficult and boring at the same time, you can’t really blame the students. But there are ways you can promote learning and linking the routine to the learning can help. For instance, when a child is learning to wash their hands during bathroom breaks, they can teach the concept of sciences such as hygiene, water conversation, ways to read bathroom signage, counting, and other antonyms.

3: Change the Environment

For kids who are young and full of energy, sitting in the classroom can be unideal. In a situation like this, changing your class’s environment can positively affect the learning process. When teaching about history, why not take them to the museum? You can also take to them to the beach. When none of that is possible, simply take them to the backyard of your school. A breath of fresh air can make them more alert and they would be ready to pay attention to the subject.

5: Let Them Set the Pace

It’s a not positive approach to impose education and learning on students. Let them choose their own starting point on an assignment. This will encourage them to stay comfortable and feel challenged too. Once they have picked the starting point, be their guide and help them unlock a new level of mastery. The use of the internet to educate facilitates information sharing and communication.

6: Add Some Mystery into The Lessons

Learning becomes more interesting when your students don’t know what to expect. Take every opportunity to incorporate a sense of mystery into the daily lessons. This will keep them coming back for more or at least show a bit of interest. Before you even know it, your students will start looking forward to learning what’s next.

7: Present Them with Some Choices

Another effective strategy to make students learn is to allow them to make their own choices. This can prove to be a powerful motivator. Since students feel more independent, it automatically helps develop student interest.

For the next lesson, create a choice board and list down different tasks for them to complete. Let them choose 3 tasks from these options and watch their motivation to learn sore!

8: Quit the Seriousness

Just because you’re the teacher, it doesn’t mean you have to remain serious in class. Loosen up and acknowledge the fact that each student has a different learning style and interest. Be one of those teachers who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. You will see that your students are more interested to learn when you are fun and easy.

9: Think Out of the Box

Plan a lesson that is completely different from what you do regularly. For instance, invite a guest speaker and let them share their knowledge. A change in the routine makes your students show interest in learning.

10: Celebrate Achievements

While your students are learning things, don’t forget to celebrate and recognize their achievements even if they are small. This can come a long way in boosting their morale. This also helps foster a positive environment and keep the kids motivated to learn and take on new challenges. The celebrations don’t have to be huge. It can be something simple as taking them to have ice cream.


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