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10 TikTok Ideas To Make Your Video Go Viral

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TikTok has unique strategies to make the videos gain more attention compared to other social media platforms. Posting videos on TikTok will make your business a huge success. If you post videos with good promotional content for your product, it will receive support from the audience in the forms of likes, views, comments, etc. To check the current views count, you can utilize the tiktok views counter and know the reach of your post globally. Here comes the list of ideas to make your video viral.

1. Utilize Trends

Using the trends is the first step because it quickly gains the audience’s attention at a high rate. People will go crazy watching your videos because of the trend. Then, you can create a video related to your business and add trendy music to it. You can choose music from the TikTok library or your liked playlist; it is your choice. If you utilize trends, it will make your video go viral and help you succeed in your business.

2. Share About Your Difficult Paths

You can talk to the users about the difficult path you crossed from the start of the business up until now. Explain to them the downfalls and rise-ups of your brand. You can also tell them the techniques for making a business withstand among the other brand competitors. Also, include your marketing objectives for the users to know what you have for the future. If you do so, your video will go viral quickly with massive likes.     

3. Art Videos

Art videos will go viral because it is another way to promote your brand. You can get help from an artist and draw the full image of your product along with the brand name. Every user who seeks TikTok to get information will acquire knowledge of your brand’s presence through the art and will buy your product without delay. These art videos will also go viral and grab the user’s attention within a short period, which supports your brand growth. 

4. Show BTS

You can show BTS- behind the scenes about the manufacturing procedure of your brand products and make it a sensational one. If you pay attention to making these kinds of videos, it will become viral and support you in your business’s growth. You can also add additional promotional content at the side of your video to tell your audience about the extra features of your product.

5. Use Funny Contents

If you have the talent to create funny content, it will surely make your video go viral without any obstacles. For instance, you can script your authentic content along with fun. Every generation will want to watch your posts if you add a video that makes them laugh. These videos will get responses from the audience as likes. You can check the likes count using the tiktok likes counter to know the people who were interested in your post globally. So, make use of fun that promotes your brand growth.

6. Call To Action

All generations will automatically reply to posts through comments, likes, etc. To make them take action immediately, you need to utilize the features in TikTok. To implement call-to-action, you can add the text like “buy now.” If you do so, it will make people urge and buy your products in a short time.

7. Make The Video Short

You can post short videos instead of making them elaborate, which creates irritation for the customers to skip your videos. Instead, plan your objective and make a move and create a short and sweet video to gain more engagement with the users. Keeping this valid point in your memory will reach the target audience faster and develop your business.

8. Create Videos Using Your Pets

You can make your pet sit near your product and make it do some reactions cutely. Then, capture it in your camera and add your voice-over/ trendy music about telling the users that even your dog/cat likes the product so much. It makes your video go viral and reach the target audience quickly.

9. Make The Video In Fast Mode

You can create the video in a fast mode with the essential details of your product included in it. It is also a trick to make the audience repeatedly view it to know what is in your video. If you create these videos, it will help you to hit the unreached records. Also, include a video with catchy music. 

10. Post Bloopers

As human beings, we will make some mistakes unknowingly. You can also utilize this as a strategy to create a video using the behind-the-scenes activities. Assemble the list of bloopers in a sequence that is funny to watch and post it. It will also gain a more number of viewers and become viral.


Utilizing TikTok will help you achieve success in your business and increase the benefits of followers, likes, views, etc. you can check the live followers count using the tiktokcounter to know your profile visibility. I hope this article has given you an idea to create videos and make them viral using TikTok.   


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