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Women, This Is How You Can Become Confident

Confidence is something we all wish we had a little more of. It not only is vital for operating in the practical and modern world but being confident plays a crucial role in our success.

However, there are various reasons some people might have lesser confidence. We, as children, are inhibition-less, but it is through the process of growing up, we have our confidence in our abilities taken away. But unfortunately, women are disproportionately affected in the process.

Why do women suffer from greater self-esteem issues?

Women are more likely to suffer from self-esteem issues because of various factors. They face greater violence, their rights are more likely to be usurped, they face more instances of trauma that then merit treatment from the Best Psychiatrist in Islamabad.

Similarly, women are also more likely to face discrimination based on their looks, which can be a great blow to those who don’t conform to the society’s flawed notions of beauty.

Moreover, some other reasons why women may face more self-esteem issues that harm their confidence levels include greater critique that they face, lack of opportunities, racial issues etc.

How to overcome the obstacles

Just because you have obstacles does not mean that you have to resign yourself to a life that makes you less confident, ladies. There are still things that you can do to reclaim your confidence levels. These include:

Challenge mindsets

Mindsets are a power tool. What our brain believes in has a huge role to play in our wellbeing and success. Therefore, you need to actively work on changing your mindset, especially that imposed by society.

Let go of the stereotypical and misogynistic tropes that have been recounted to you to rob you of your power and confidence. Unlearn these awful mindsets, and replace them with narratives about the strengths, talent, and abilities of a strong female force.

Cut out the toxicity

Everyone who is harming your self-esteem, who is crippling your confidence in yourself, is toxic to your peace of mind needs to go. Never underestimate the impact of the negative and toxic people; they not only drain your energy levels but harm your ability to be confident in yourself.

Learn skills

There is no harm in not knowing something. If you continue to feel down just because you don’t know something, then change your circumstance. Naturally, when we have knowledge about something, we feel more confident in our abilities. So, just learn what you lack.

Love your body

Often, the confidence is closely tied to the way women look. Those who are fat, or don’t conform to the society’s standards of beauty are made to feel less confident.

You then have to reclaim your power by loving yourself. You are beautiful, period.

Meditation and mindfulness

We often also suffer from low confidence levels because of the strong critic inside of us, which when combined with high stress levels, forms a potent force that keeps us from experiencing new things.

Mindfulness and mediation can be of help in this regard. These exercises help you better connect with your inner self, so you can quell the judgmental noises. They also help in lowering stress levels, so giving your confidence a boost.

Positive affirmation

Quell the negative thoughts and their impact by partaking in positive affirmations. Either make your own prompts or invest in a deck but make sure that you are regular in saying these prompts. Put them on your desk or mirror, so they remain in your line of sight. Eventually, you will internalize these, and they will then help improve your confidence levels.

Seek help

Sometimes, the fear may be rooted deeply in trauma and violence. In such instances, it is vital that you seek help from a mental health expert like a Psychiatrist in Lahore so that such complicated issues are dealt with in proper fashion.


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