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Why Your Logo Will Increase Sales

When buying a product in a supermarket, what is the first thing that comes to your attention? Product usability, price, or even a logo that catches the eye?

Although it is often considered trivial, many people buy products based on attractive packaging logos or specific company branding. This makes many companies vying to create a unique and attractive logo.

With a logo, a product is more easily recognized and remembered by consumers to increase sales and look professional in the eyes of buyers.

With a logo, a product is more easily recognized and remembered by consumers to increase sales and look professional in the eyes of buyers.

Given the importance of a good logo in customers’ eyes, various large companies also conduct in-depth research to determine a logo.

This makes a large company logo expensive, considering the logo’s meaning can increase consumer brand awareness of the product.

Therefore, before building a logo that consumers can remember, first know its uses and make them quickly.

The benefits of having a logo

The number of competitors who sell the same goods out there finally makes entrepreneurs spin their brains to take loopholes to win in the existing market competition.

One marketing strategy is to use a company logo, and this is done to differentiate your product from other companies.

The existence of a slick logo and following the products being marketed will attract more interest and increase customer confidence so that the goods will be more in demand in the market.

Building Consumer Trust

When choosing the same two products, which one do you choose first? Products with low prices but without branding or products with logos but higher prices?

Many people will choose a second product with a logo even though it is expensive. The number can see this of plain t-shirts from well-known brands selling well even though they have the same ingredients as products without labels.

This phenomenon occurs because a logo can build more trust in the eyes of consumers. In addition, using products from particular brands will also increase self-worth in the eyes of others.

Not only that, a quality logo will build trust in the eyes of consumers so that buyers can pay for products at high prices, even just by looking at a logo that looks convincing.

Therefore, a good brand must have a logo to build consumer trust and also be able to compete with other competitors.

Showing the Company’s Strengths

The use of a good logo is not only able to attract consumers but can also show the company’s strengths.

Large companies that already have millions of consumers will usually evaluate their logos every year. This is done to absorb the message conveyed to consumers to become a connected connection between buyers and consumers.

Giving a logo to a brand will also show the company’s advantages. The selection of colors and writings can represent this to provide a distinctive feature displayed to consumers.

A unique logo and difficult to imitate will also make it difficult for rogue traders who want to copy your product so that other companies will not easily copy the goods.

Increase Brand Awareness

A product with a logo will undoubtedly increase brand awareness in the eyes of consumers so that the product being marketed will be more easily recognized than other competitors.

Therefore a company should create a simple logo and be remembered for a long time by consumers. The logo is also combined with matching fonts and colors to complement each other.

Humans themselves have advantages in remembering images but not with writing.

As Company Identity

A company logo is currently installed on various products and can also be used in online and offline promotions.

Especially now that many companies promote their products through social media, an icon in a company logo is needed as a profile photo. It will be a marker of the authenticity of the social media account.

Some uploaded content such as photos and videos also usually uses a logo as a watermark so that others do not take the photo. If other accounts are spread, it becomes a free and profitable promotion.

Not only that, various other marketing media such as flyers, brochures, and banners also usually use the company logo as a marker that the product being marketed is the company’s original product.

Tools Used To Create Logos

Before developing and marketing a product, of course, making a logo must also consider the importance of business progress.

In addition to using logo creation services that are currently circulating, sellers can also easily create their logos through various photo editing applications.

The advantage of creating their logo is that users can spill the brand’s purpose into an image that many people will see. Users can also add various elements to the developed logo.

In making a company logo, the seller must also pay attention to several elements, usually in a photo, such as a photo format, whether to use JPEG or PNG. Of course, the results will be different.

Here are some online logo makers that you can learn and use to create logos.


DesignEvo has more than 10,000 pre-designed logo templates. You have to choose one of these designs and make your logo. Logo design with this site is effortless and done quickly. Of course, you should also know that this tool is paid, and however, you can design free logos with low-resolution.  


At LogoMakr, everything is simple and basic. This website gives you a blank page. You can create a beautiful logo on this page by putting together pre-designed designs and icons. You have to pay for a quality logo, but you can download a small sample of the logo for free.  


Ucraft is an online logo maker that can design a logo for free. Logo design with this site is like a fast and straightforward Shapifa logo maker. Ucraft has an extensive library of various designs and icons for logo design.  


The fierce competition in the industry today makes many entrepreneurs use various appropriate marketing strategies so that their products can be increasingly recognized in the market.

Using a logo can be one of the proper steps to introduce your brand to many people quickly and inexpensively. Sellers can also create their logo in various online logo makers or hire other people’s services.

Before using a logo that has been designed, make sure that the logo is per consumer interests and can be remembered by many people to raise the products offered. Therefore the selection and analysis process is critical to determine the right logo. Hopefully with these tips can help increase your product sales.


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