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Why You Need This Pet Triage Tool as a Pet Parent – Buddydoc

Have you ever heard of the term triage in your life, let alone pet triage? Buddylabs’ new app, Buddydoc, aims to introduce this practice to pet parents everywhere to help with every pet’s longevity. Pet triage is simply a medical term that sorts a patient’s level of medical urgency in an ER setting. Take into consideration you arrive at a veterinarian clinic with your sick puppy, but you notice that a patient had gotten called before you even though you arrived much earlier. In that scenario, a practice of triage took place that prioritized a patient with a more severe level of triage than your puppy. Buddydoc’s goal is to demystify this unspoken rule in the ER and help every pet guardian to stay knowledgeable at every step of their pet’s condition.

Buddylabs Inc. has worked closely with over a dozen licensed veterinarians for the last two years to construct the smartest symptom checker for both cats and dogs. Buddydoc is a veterinarian approved pet triage tool that mimics a vet checkup conversation for over 150 symptoms and provides immediate feedback to their users. The Buddydoc database provides every pet parent with the tools to receive licensed veterinarian recommendations in a few minutes or less. The results include seven stages of emergency according to the risk level of the pet’s condition, differential diagnoses, and recommended tests to keep pet parents informed.

In a recent nationwide study, approximately 28 percent of households with pets, or over 25 million pets, experience a high entry barrier to veterinary care. The average pet parent who does take their pet to an animal hospital ends up racking up hundreds of dollars of avoidable pet care costs. There the CEO of Buddylabs discovered a problem he aimed to solve with an early preventive pet care platform. Buddylabs plans to establish itself as a staple in every household with a pet by 2023 with services that improve awareness and accessibility to animal preventive care.

The importance of pet preventive care can make a difference in quality of life to thousands of dollars in critical life-saving care. Like us, there are outliers and unexpected emergencies that can happen to anybody, but with preventive measures, a majority of risk factors can be tracked and accounted for. Whether it is age, lifestyle, weight, genetics, etc. staying informed and tracking these factors can be an invaluable tool for any pet parent. The goal for Buddydoc is to teach every pet parent how to check and look for these risk factors through a convenient pet triage survey whenever any abnormalities are observed.

In addition, Buddylabs will release an ask-a-vet service that provides 24/7 support for pet parents. Buddylabs users will have access to professional advice and answers and telehealth services from licensed veterinarians through live video and chat consultations.

How it Works

After a user registers their pet’s information into the Buddydoc system, you may immediately begin checking any symptom that you are concerned about. Each survey asks specific questions that are relevant to the symptom a user searches and each answer has a triage value attached to it. Those values are then calculated at the end and immediately feeds the user a triage level from one to seven. Levels one and two being fairly normal behavior or symptoms according to your pet’s condition, breed, age, etc. Normal and low risk pets at an ER setting will be seen last in priority to other patient’s conditions. Levels three to five is where conditions begin to enter a cause for concern for a veterinarian. Concern, caution, and semi-urgent triage levels will take priority if no other patient is in a state of emergency. These levels are encouraged to see a vet to help prevent the user’s pet’s condition becoming more severe and potentially more expensive. And lastly, levels six and seven, urgent and emergency, will always take priority in the ER setting.

About Buddylabs

Buddylabs was established in 2022 and now has an in-house team of dedicated developers, graphic designers, and marketers in collaboration with a team of over a dozen veterinarians. Buddylabs goal is to target the shortcomings of face-to-face treatment with a high entry barrier and provide pet parents access to life-enhancing veterinary tools. Buddylabs is pioneering a new category of pet telemedicine coined early care, which introduces a new practice of early pet triage at home or in the waiting room. For more information on Buddydoc, visit the Buddydoc website at: https://www.buddydoc.io/symptom/

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