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Why is Mobile App Maintenance Important?

Since there are around 5.30 billion smartphone users across the world, it would not be wrong to say that the world is ruled by mobile technology itself. Mobile app are playing a vital role in every person’s life since they provide instant access to important information and have somewhat grown into a necessity. Millions of smartphone users regard mobile apps as a straightforward way to get answers to a variety of issues. 

                    Average hours per month an individual spends on mobile apps as per age 
Age group Average monthly hours per user 
18 to 24113
25 to 34103
35 to 4494
45 to 5476
55 to 6470

On the other hand, they do not think twice to exit an app if they are dissatisfied with it in some way. As a result, businesses want to keep their apps in good shape to exist in the long run. So, let’s find out why mobile app maintenance is important in today’s time 

Business growth 

There are high possibilities of risk involved where an application would work as expected without regular upgrades, maintenance, and support. On the other hand, the focus behind creating an application is to achieve the business goals. 

When there is a lack of maintenance, It becomes difficult to meet performance expectations. This can make a business lose its existing customers and put a bad impression on the new ones. 

As a result, regular app maintenance from professional app developers is necessary if your business wishes to match the performance needs and achieve maximum growth. 

New upgrades 

You might have hired a AP-GROUP mobile app development company in the USA to create an incredible app, but if you don’t think about maintenance then it will quickly become obsolete. 

Users will likely choose another application over yours. It is known that there are around 2.9 million apps available on the Google play store and 4.4 million on the Apple App Store.  

When it comes to a mobile app, users like those that bring newness and functionality after every while. In order to gratify the customers and keep them engaged, one should maintain the app wholeheartedly. 

Having new features and functionality will not only improve efficiency, scalability, performance, and security but will reduce the likelihood of failure. Hence, expert app developers like the AB group have excellent team members who keep track of the changing trends and bring modernity to the applications in every upgrade.

Stay on competitive grounds

The world is becoming fiercely competitive and it has become important for businesses to stay monitored if they want to survive in the long run. This is because businesses are investing in resources and mobile app maintenance is not a one-time job. 

It requires ongoing care as long as the application exists. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, one must continue to monitor and maintain it. 

This would ensure a smooth and efficient user experience besides assuring that your customers would not abandon you.

Detecting and correcting bugs

Some bugs are just downright evil, no matter how brilliant mobile app developers in the USA you choose. These bugs can further cause issues like Bad code, app failure, unexpected outcomes, poor user experience, and other undesirable outcomes. 

This is something that is considered no less than a nightmare for an organization as users have zero tolerance for buggy apps. Only 16% of the users will try to use it more than twice.

When bug repairs are done on a regular basis it examines the quality of the mobile application’s code. This helps to identify bugs and other functionality-related problems and swiftly aids them so that they run smoothly for the users.

Keeps apps safe from cyber threats

No matter how renowned a mobile app development company in the USA you choose, mobile apps are always prone to threats. This increases the possibility of bringing your business down and losing valuable aspects of the business.

                  Types of mobile security threats 
1Data leaks
4Crypto jacking
5Lock screen configuration 
6Insecure Wi-Fi networks 
7Outdated operating system 
8Improper app permission

On the other hand, incorporating mobile app security into your business strategy is critical. This would not only help you to maintain the user’s trust by making them feel protected but also keep you updated with the newest security protocols. 

Service providers like AB group consider cyber threats seriously and go an extra mile from preventing a business from facing failures because of such risks.

Customers know it all 

Days are gone when customers knew nothing and were easy to manipulate. These days customers themselves have become tech-savvy and their demands are evolving every day. 

In order to match their requirements, businesses must continue to keep up with the innovations and trends. If you do not focus on maintaining or updating the application, then your audience will no longer take you seriously. 

Not to mention, frequent updates help mobile applications to generate more interest and face stiff competition.


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