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Why are multi-monitor trading computers different from gaming computers?

Don’t make the same mistakes other day traders do. They did and still do gaming computers not to be confused with day trading computers. The two are completely different and should not be misinterpreted. As a day trader you need to develop a trading computer setup designed specifically for intraday trading. Whether it’s your first PC setup or you want to upgrade your current one. You can use these tips to avoid the most common problems. Click here more details best gaming monitor for ps4 under $200.

Day traders need real-time data. Not a real picture

What do you think about console games? Many people think of video games. Which has nothing to do with day trading any more than you would buy cat food for your dog. There is no point in buying a game day system. Simply put, gaming computers are not designed for high-frequency data analysis. The main focus of gaming PCs is to create realistic graphics for the best gaming experience. If you’re serious about your day trading career, you’ll want to find a computer that fits your needs.

A trader’s computer configuration should be optimized for four, six or more monitors.

The big difference between a gaming PC and a commercial PC is that you can set up multiple monitors. (And it works effectively for a trading program.) Now, we’re not talking about dual monitors. We are talking about four monitors. Six and eight monitors connected simultaneously to the computer Trading with multiple monitors is a great way to control your game as a day trader. Console games focus on graphics speed. But day traders need a system that has enough processing space to run a large number of charts and indicators. These tools are used by traders on a daily basis and require a lot of processing power.

Stock trading is not a “game”.

Any stock trader can agree that this industry is nothing but games. When you’re dealing with real money, you need nothing but the best to help you manage it. Gaming computers are advertised to have lots of RAM, processing speed. And multiple hard drive slots but no guarantee of reliability from day traders This is what every stock trading professional needs – consistency. Your entire portfolio could fail. And you can’t do anything.

Getting all the right components to play your favorite games and fit within your budget. Which is often difficult but it is not impossible with this guide. There are many devices on the market to choose from. But we will give you all the information you need so you don’t get lost!

Before we begin, you need to answer a few questions:

1. What is your budget? how much are you going to pay

2. What games do you play – shooters, strategies, RPGs, flight simulators?

3. Is the monitor size you have 17-19″, 20-22″ or 24″ and above?

Budget – Is this your maximum purchase limit – up to $700? Then you are limited to basic game options and low resolution. Can you give away around 1000 coins? You can get Descent to play any game at minimum medium settings on a 20-22″ monitor. Got 2K to spare? You can play any game on any monitor at max settings for $3000. You can be sure to win” No need to upgrade for the next 2-4 years Best To play games!

The game you play – if it just happens to be “World of Warcraft”, you can spend around $999 and make sure it’s enough to play on any monitor at high settings. If you want to play shooters like Crysis or Far Cry 2 at the highest or highest level, be prepared to pay $1500 or more. But it’s up to you. In general, 3D shooting games require more power from your computer. Like flight simulators, online strategy and RPGs are often less demanding.

Monitor – If you limit it to a 17″ or 19″ monitor, you’ll be able to play at low to medium resolutions and not overload your computer. If you have a 20- or 22-inch monitor, you’ll want to play at 1680×1050 resolution, and that will strain your computer. Please select at least GT 240 video card for this resolution. If you have a 24″ or larger monitor, you need some serious fire in your PC. Look for a high-end graphics card like the Nvidia GTS 250 or ATI 5850. Use CrossFire or SLI to max out all settings.

The main options are: CPU and video card.


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