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Which birthday flowers are best delivered to a birthday boy or girl?

An appropriate, colorful bouquet of birthday flowers for every birthday boy

Birthday flowers are always appreciated. It is even more surprising when the recipient receives the bouquet at home. Choose a colorful package below that suits the birthday boy or girl and have it delivered the same day in the Netherlands if possible. Possibly with a suitable extra such as a vase, chocolate or a card.

Which birthday flowers are best delivered to a birthday boy or girl?

That of course depends on your wishes and the taste of the recipient. There are actually few limits for a birthday: almost anything is possible. Tip: in summer you can opt for popular summer flowers such as sunflowers or gerberas. To inspire you further, here are three examples of birthday bouquets.

You can opt for the sober elegance of pure white, or for the classic bouquet of red roses. Is the birthday person your lover? Then choose the bouquet “You are unique”, which consists of white roses with a red rose in the middle.

Happy birthday flowers

Happy birthday in combination with a beautiful bunch of flowers: that makes everyone happy! But why do we say happy birthday anyway? Congratulations stands for ‘to wish good luck’ and is derived from the French word ‘feliciter’ which stands for ‘to make you happy’. The word happy birthday would be used as early as the year 1960.

Birthday card with flowers

A beautiful birthday card should of course not be missing with birthday flowers. That is why it is also possible to have a birthday card with flowers delivered via Bloompost. This makes the flowers birthday just that little bit more personal. We have several beautiful birthday cards that you can choose from. The birthday card can be combined with all our birthday flowers. So it doesn’t matter whether you choose a birthday bouquet, letterbox flowers or a beautiful bunch of birthday flowers. The birthday cards are A6 size so you can put a decent message on them. Who are you going to order a birthday card with flowers for?

Send flowers for a birthday by mail

Is it your best friend, mother, aunt or grandfather’s birthday and do you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a beautiful birthday bouquet? great plan! A birthday is the perfect time to send flowers. Yet it is and remains exciting whether the birthday boy or girl is home to receive your bouquet. It’s not always easy to check without revealing the surprise… Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that at BloomPost. As the inventor of the one and only letterbox flowers, we deliver your birthday flowers through the letterbox. The recipient does not have to be at home. Even if the birthday girl is at home, our letterbox flowers are guaranteed to surprise. In the stylish packaging, the recipient will find a festive bouquet with flowers of the best quality, fresh from the grower and ready to go in the vase. Surprise!

An everlasting bouquet of dried flowers

The dried flowers are making a comeback. Awesome, a new way to send flowers for a birthday! Aquarelle has put together a range of natural dried flower bouquets with a rural look. Discover modern, brightly colored bouquets that change with the seasons.


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