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What to Wear to a Music Festival for Guys

Summer’s almost here and that means the festival season is almost upon us!

When it comes to choosing your festival outfit, it seems women have a lot more options than men. But there are many brands out there offering stylish festival clothing for men that focus on comfort, style, and function! 

We’ve created this guide for what to wear to a music festival if you’re a guy. Take a look at our tips to help you plan the ultimate festival outfit. 

Where to Shop for Festival Clothing

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The 2 Major Rules:

Whether you’re a man or woman, there are 2 rules to festival wear that you should always follow:

  1. Don’t wear anything that’s not comfortable

If you’ve already been to a festival, then you know there’s a lot of standing on your feet. You’re going to be standing, walking, getting drinks spilled on, and sweating tons. That means you’ll want to avoid wearing anything that’s uncomfortable after long periods of time. That includes your footwear – stick to comfortable sandals or sneakers!

  1. Don’t wear expensive clothing

​​For all the reasons we mentioned above, you’ll want to avoid wearing expensive clothing that could potentially get ruined. Only wear clothing that is inexpensive and has little sentimental value, you’re there to have fun, not flex your designer labels! 

Festival Styles for Men

  • Graphic Tees

Nothing says festival season like a graphic tee! From Hawaiian prints to florals, graphic tees tell everyone you’re there to enjoy the festival no matter what the weather brings. There’s no better time to show off a tee with your favorite band too! 

Check out this list of graphic tee brands from QC – you just might find a new favorite! 

  • Jacket

The weather can change on a dime during a festival, so it’s important to come prepared with a jacket. A festival jacket needs to be fun, versatile and most of all lightweight so that you can tie it around your waist when it’s not needed. Think raincoat or poncho rather than a denim jacket. 

Just remember to keep an eye on the weather and choose a jacket that’s appropriate for the weather conditions. The worst thing you can do is bring the wrong jacket and end up having to spend the day drenched! 

  • Shorts

Cargo shorts are the perfect style of shorts for summer festivals. They are the perfect length for keeping you cool during the day and warm during the evening, and all the pockets will provide the perfect storage for stashing your stuff. They also look great with all kinds of shoes including sneakers, sandals and sliders.

The same can be said about cargo trousers as well. Cargo trousers look flattering on almost all body shapes since they tsper closer to your leg and ankle and their neutral color allows you to easily mix and match them.

  • A bag

Leaving your wallet in your back pocket makes you an easy target for pickpockets. Bring a bag, backpack, or fanny bag to stow all your stuff and keep your valuables safe. If you choose the right bag, you’ll hardòy know what you’re wearing. If keeping it lightweight is important to you, opt for a crossbody bag or fanny pack. 


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