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What Is KuCoin Content Program And How One Can Earn Through It

There are many Crypto trading platforms, each claiming that they offer the best features and security. If you are looking for a Crypto trading platform that offers multiple ways to earn rewards, then there is no better thing than KuCoin. It has many risk-free ways by which you can earn a significant amount.

KuCoin appreciates the talent of its users and rewards them for marketing the platform. For this purpose, the KuCoin content program is introduced where the users can participate to earn rewards by creating content about KuCoin. KuCoin content program has proven to be an ultimate success, and now many people participate in this program. This article will discuss the KuCoin content program and how you can earn rewards from it. So let’s get started.

What Is the KuCoin Content Program?

KuCoin content program is a marketing effort where the users can get rewards when they post content about KuCoin on their website, page, or blog. KuCoin started this program in March 2022, and anyone can participate in it to earn rewards. Each month, KuCoin updates its topics about Cryptocurrency news, DOGECoin price, XLM price, etc. 

The users can make the content according to the specified topics and post it on their pages. The content can be based on any format and type. You can make your videos, animation, posts, blogs, and podcasts promoting the topic you selected on the KuCoin content program. The awards system is designed, so the participants know how to increase their chances of getting the awards. KuCoin judges the content on a predefined score, and the creator must score more than 70 points. These are the scoring criteria of the content program:

  • Highlighting the KuCoin (15 points)
  • Creative content (15 points)
  • Social media influence (20 points)
  • Topic define (15 points)
  • Effectiveness of content (20 points)
  • Use of relevant backlinks (15 points)

Successful users can get the reward of $500 for each topic and participate in up to 3 topics in every session. More than that, one content is rewarded as the best content, and the creator gets $1250. if you are not getting a score of 70, then there is no need to worry because if you have a strong social media presence, then you can earn by posting about KuCoin,

There are chances to earn the rewards even if the content does not score more than 70 points. Creators who get more than 3000 views, 350 likes, and 300 comments on their content within the first 10 days are eligible to share the reward of 5000 USDT. All creators fulfilling the criteria will get an equal share of 5000 USDT. As the competition is getting high and more people are participating in the program, KuCoin increases the acceptance margin after some time to share the award among the worthy participants.

How To Participate In KuCoin Content Program?

The process of participating in a content program is very easy by following these steps:

  • First, you have to visit the website and select the given topic.
  • Create the content according to the topic and post it on your social media platform. You can make blogs, videos, images, podcasts, or anything else.
  • Publish the content with the #GetFreeBTCwithKuCoin hashtag.
  • Fill out the form and paste your content link there.
  • If your content fulfills the criteria, you will get the reward by the 15th of next month.


KuCoin content program is a marketing strategy where users can participate to earn rewards. It provides a chance to learn from the skills and is also a good way to increase the social media presence. KuCoin is among the best trading platforms with access to more than 600 coins, and when you share the qualities of KuCoin with your audience, they can also get benefits, increasing your influence. Users can participate in earning rewards by generating KuCoin-related content. Users can create material based on the subjects and submit it to their pages. The material might be in any format or type. Successful users can earn $500 for each topic they complete and participate in up to three topics per session. Furthermore, one piece of material is recognized as the finest, and the artist receives $1250.


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