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What Blankets Do Hotels Use?

Hotel blankets are an essential part of hotel rooms as they are required by guests at night to sleep comfortably. If hotels don’t have quality blankets it will take away from the hotel experience a guest is paying for. Every guest along with checking the comfort of the bed also takes into account the blanket quality that you have laying on the bed. Along with that, depending on your hotel’s location and type of weather there is throughout the year also needs to be taken into also. Along with that, which blanket a hotel chooses to offer depends on the hotel property type and its budget. There are various types of blankets available by suppliers for hotels to make their choice from. In today’s blankets guide we will be discussing what blankets do hotels use which will help you make the right decision for your hotel.

Types of Blankets for Hotels

There are usually two types of hotel blankets you would find which are referred to as duvets or blankets.


There are two parts to a duvet, one is known as a duvet insert and the other as a duvet cover. A duvet insert is the filled quilt part of the duvet which provides the warm to the guests. This part of the duvet cannot be washed regularly as the fill will start to clump and the quality would deteriorate. That’s why, you have high-quality interchangeable duvet covers which cover the duvet insert and help hotels maintain their hygiene standards. The duvet insert can be regularly changed and washed.


The types of blankets that hotels use, are usually manufactured using 100% cotton material, a soft polycotton blend, or even 100% polyester. Depending on the supplier you can find the different material blankets available for your purchase. The material which hotels prefer to purchase depends on their blanket budgets. When reading blankets guide you would find out that 100% polyester is a preferred material in this category as it is comfortable; highly durable, and also fits the blanket budget for numerous hotel properties.

Best Hotel Blankets Features

What blankets do hotels use depends on the features these hotel blankets have to offer. Our blankets guide will help you understand the top characteristics you need to look for despite whichever types of blankets you choose for your hotel property.  


The blankets should not feel uncomfortable and scratchy or non-breathable. The guests using them don’t want to be suffocated while sleeping. Your hotel blankets need to be soft despite the types of blankets you choose such as 100% polyester blankets. When you purchase high-quality blankets, they are breathable and don’t feel scratchy while in use.

Durable & Long-Lasting:

Next on our list of features in our blankets guide is just how much wear and tear can a blanket can take before it tears and becomes unusable. They need to manufactured using weaving techniques that holds the blankets together for a significant length of time. If the blankets are not durable, you will have to replace them continuously which stretches the blanket budget. Plus, the blankets should be institutional laundering resistant otherwise they would not last through.

Easy to Care:

The blankets need to be easy to care for, you can put them in the washing machine, dryer, and they shouldn’t need ironing. When the blankets re easy to manage, it makes things easier for the housekeeping; and also save significant period of time spent on them to keep them clean and organized at all times. Spending hours to make your blankets look good just takes too much effort of the housekeeping which adversely effects how things are managed around the property.

Where to Get Hotel Blankets From?

You need a hotel blankets supplier such as DZEE Textiles that offers the various types of blankets in high-quality and affordable prices. Most blankets guide would tell you to opt for cotton blankets straight out but cotton blankets are not always the top choice for all hotel properties. You can choose the polycotton duvets from the suppliers of your choice which keep your guests comfortable without expanding your budget. Then you also have polyester and cotton blankets available. It gives you the choice between the two which makes it easier for you to manage which blankets are the right ones for your hotel property.

You need a hotel blankets supplier which offers the various types of blankets and meets the features mentioned in this blankets guide. Things get simpler when you can just place your order online and everything is delivered to you within a short time. You can also ask if these bedding suppliers have a store or a warehouse you can visit where you can check the hotel blankets quality up close and then decide which types of blankets, you need. As we have mentioned, suppliers such as DZEE Textiles has an online platform which allows you to make purchases online and you can also visit any of their three warehouses; located in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Nevada.

What blankets do hotels use depends on the requirements for out of all the types of blankets. Hotel blankets need to be of high-quality and meet your budget restraint. Is there anything you would like to add to this blankets guide to help others make a better decision for their hotel property? Let us know in the comments below.


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