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What are the advancements when it comes to glasses lenses?

When we talk about the advancements in the eyewear industry, it is all about how in the cases of eye health developments they have succeeded to great heights. There have been many discoveries and challenges that have been faced through the year, and there have been perfect breakthroughs as well to improve overall eye health.

But how do these developments prove to be an integral part of the current world? Yes, the developments have proved to be a way to make life much easier and simpler in many forms and that is exactly what the eyewear industry has always aimed for.

Advancement in terms of the lenses

We generally do talk about the various shapes and styles that have been introduced in terms of the frames but what about the lenses? Glass frames style are nth to be explored such as cat-eye glasses, aviator glasses, and many more. These are the same in the case of lenses as well. And we will be discussing all that you need to find the perfect lenses for your needs.

Let’s get started:

Varifocal lenses

You must have seen many sticking to the bifocal lenses, now varifocal lenses are much more advanced cases of lenses. Varifocal lenses consist of three varifocal lenses as compared to the bifocal lenses which have just two. These three refractive zones are near, far. And intermediate making it a perfect lens that struggles with both near and farsightedness.

The best part about the varifocal glasses is that there is no visible division between the refractive zones. In bifocal lenses, you must have definitely noticed that there is a visible division between both near and far refractive zones making it much more difficult for eye movement.

When it comes to varifocals, there is no such division, making it completely difficult for the eye to move from one zone to another.

Though even with several benefits that come with varifocal lenses. There is one difficulty that affects the people using varifocal lenses for the very first time.

What’s the issue and how to tackle it easily?

Varifocal lenses have three refractive zones due to the reason for the first-time user it becomes quite difficult and confusing to actually keep constant. The brain and eyes get confused while moving from one zone to another.

Here are a few tips that one can actually consider while switching to varifocal lenses:

  • The very first thing one must keep in mind is that consistency is the key.
  • If a person wears the glasses from day to night, then they should not skip in between.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that they should not go back to their old glasses while using varifocal glasses as this will not provide the required time for the eye to prepare.
  • Avoid any fast movement of the eye and make sure to tilt the head towards. The direction in case to avoid any dizzy situation.

In case, even after trying out all these tips, one feels super dizzy and unable to adjust to the changes of the refractive zones then they must consult a specialist regarding the same.

Thin lenses

Remember in case of high prescription where one switched to thick frame lenses giving it a complete bug eye look or a fish bowl look. With the advancement in technology and many changes and development, these have been replaced with thin lenses and ultra-thin lenses. 

Thin lenses are the high index lenses that have much more refractive pairs than normal. In the case of your normal lenses, one needs to be thicker in case of more light refracts. Thin lenses are 20% thinner than normal glasses and ultra-thin lenses are 30% thinner than normal prescription lenses.

Transition lenses

Fancy a magic trick? Then transition lenses are your guy, these glasses are the perfect example of technological advancement in the eyewear industry. These just act as regular prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as one moves outdoors, these get covered with a dark tint, giving the effect as that of sunglasses.

These tints are able to adjust themselves as per the intensity of sunlight falling right on them. Higher the sunlight darker the tint and vice versa. The best part about these lenses is that you do not have to keep two glasses and could avoid any sort of confusion. They are also able to provide the ultimate protection against UV rays and keep the eye safe.

Tinted lenses

Yes, this is our favourite kind of lens where you can choose to get your eyewear lens tinted. One can get their lenses reglazed as well into the tinted one they prefer. Giving the exact same as that of the sunglasses.


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