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Washing Machine Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Washing Machine

Buying a suitable washer takes much more than just checking the best washing machine brands, such as Samsung, LG or Bosch washing machines and their prices. Let’s take a look at some crucial factors that you need to be aware of before purchasing the perfect washing for your home:

What should you look for in a washing machine?

The answer lies in what type of clothes you have. There are many types of clothes: Shirts, Jeans, blouses, sarees, jackets, sleepwear, workout clothes, etc. These examples give you an idea that clothes are made from different fabrics, and some of them may require extra care. Considering the size of your family is also an essential factor as larger families will have more clothes that need to be washed. If more members are into a job that requires spending time outside, or one where your clothes get easily dirty or you work out regularly and end up with sweaty clothes. 

Your washing machine usage pattern will depend on your family size and cloth usage pattern. A heavy-duty Bosch washing machine with a capacity of 8-10kg (front loading) may be an ideal option for a large family. A top-loading Bosch washing machine with a total of 5 kg may suffice for a small family.

What are the features you should look for in a washing machine?

Some best washing machine brands may or may not have water temperature settings. Hot water is an ideal solution for killing bacteria and other germ-causing diseases. When buying a Bosch washing machine, consider getting a model with temperature settings, as it sterilizes clothes and removes bad smells. A germ-free cloth is an advantage, especially during the current situation. Look out for wash programs that are tailored to your fabric and lifestyle. A blanket and a cotton shirt both need to be washed differently. For a stress-free washing experience, look out for features such as bubble wash, presoak settings and RPM choice.

Washing machine’s motor technology

Brush motors are mainly found in conventional washing machines with copper wires attached to the rotor, acting as electromagnets. They are powered using graphite sticks or sliding brushes that press the contacts on the engine shaft. You will hear a whirring sound and vibration due to the sliding mechanism. They are very affordable but prone to quickly getting damaged. On the other hand, the inverter motor produces less noise because it doesn’t use a brush in its mechanism. This brushless performance results in fewer vibrations, and as they don’t have mechanical clutches, so they last longer and are less susceptible to wear and tear.

Washing machine capacity

It can be a challenging task to determine how big your washing machine should be. Manufacturers offer them in various sizes, but for a basic understanding, let’s segregate them into three categories: 5kgs, 7kgs, and 10kgs. If you are a couple or a small family of 2 members, then a washing machine of 5 kg capacity will suffice as it can easily wash two shirts and two pairs of trousers at once, one sheet, and one towel. It is important to remember that one should not wash delicate clothing with bedsheets. This simple math can give you a good idea of the maximum number of clothes that a 5-kg washer can wash. A 7kg Bosch washing machine may be enough for a medium-sized family of 4-6 members. For a large-sized family, consider opting for an 8-10kgs Bosch washing machine.

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