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Vinyl Banners: All You Need to Know

Anyone with a company knows that marketing is the make or break of business. Without people knowing about your business, you could never make a profit and grow a brand. As digital marketing floods the business world, there is an effective alternative that people seem to be forgetting about: vinyl banners. 

What Vinyl Banners Offer in 2022

Brand Identity

You might wonder, “Why pour money into a physical banner when digital resources are plenty?” There’s no scarcity of virtual advertisements. In every form of media, the average consumer is bombarded with more than 100 advertisements daily.

A tangible banner in a world so digital creates a distinct identity. It helps you establish rare-found trust and brand loyalty. As digital consumers grow insensitive to online ads, attracting their attention to a real-life advertisement assures them of the humans behind that physical banner. 


Vinyl banners have stood the test of time and have persisted as a preferred material for billboard advertisements. They can withstand heat, rain, snow, and wind. 


Being entirely customisable, you can fit just about any design on a vinyl banner, provided it is large enough. Whether in a more permanent brand setting or a short-term marketing campaign, banners are very effective at catching attention. There are also various banners, as seen in the next section. 


Need a quick pace of change? You can whip up a vinyl banner within a day. They do not take too long to print as long as you can come up with a design soon enough. This makes them great when you are toughing it out with competitive marketing and need to take quick strides. 


Compared to TV, radio, or even newspaper advertisements, banners are pretty affordable (provided you do not want a humongous one). For the effect that vinyl banners can have on your business, they require an affordable and reasonable investment. 

Types of Vinyl Banners 

Outdoor Mesh Banner

Made from sturdy material to withstand wind and pollution, these can persist even if placed next to a construction site. The surface has micro-holes that prevent it from tearing against strong wind. 

Outdoor Vinyl Banner

A lot more affordable than the former, but maybe not as durable. It might last as long but might not be able to withstand climates as harsh. Ideal to be put up as billboards, these reflect bright colours very well, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

If you do not want to invest in a large banner, consider small double-sided banners you can ground in street dividers. These offer complete information to people moving in both directions without making the banner seem too crowded.

You can try out a normal, standard, or high resolution, depending on how intricate your designs are and how wide the roads might be. These are water- and UV-resistant, which means they can withstand the bright summer sun and the downpour of monsoon. 

Backlit Vinyl Banner

Want some extra pizazz? Backlit banners ensure your advertisement is seen with equal brightness no matter the time of day. The banner is bright and clear, like ordinary banners during the day, but comes to life at night. These are perfect for malls, bus stops, train stations, and airports, where there are likely to be people 24/7.

Yes, digital advertisements might be trending right now. But there is nothing like the human touch that physical banners offer. They are traditional. But aren’t they traditional because it has persisted through generations. Won’t you try them out?


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