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Various Interior Door Designs to Aid in Choosing the Best One for Your New Home

There is no denying the impact a beautifully painted or built door can have on the appearance of your house. Because of this, every luxury property in Pakistan has both exterior and interior doors that have been carefully and thoughtfully created.

Some people don’t give inner doors much thought, yet they lavishly spend money exclusively on the front door. Therefore, Lahore-based construction companies advise their clients to maintain balance and spend the same amount of money on both inside and outdoor doors.

Now that you are aware of how important interior doors are, the challenging process of choosing the appropriate internal door styles begins. House Of Bamboo asserts that selecting inside doors requires careful consideration.

Contacting a professional designer at House Of Bamboo is the best interior designer in Lahore if you need advice on interior door styles. However, have a look at the examples below to get a sense of the potential trendsetters:

French Doors

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French doors are among the most elegant interior and exterior doors. These doors were inspired by the elaborate French architecture, as their name suggests. The French doors are distinguished by their wooden frame and clear, frosted, or acrylic panels.

French doors have translucent/frozen glass or acrylic panes that let in the lightest possible. It makes sense to install French doors in the front of the house, between the living and drawing rooms.

Folding Doors

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There is no better solution than folding doors if you wish to create a wall between two large rooms, such as between the dining and living rooms or between the living and drawing rooms. These doors are produced as bi-folds. Depending on your needs, the folding doors can be folded on either the inside or outside.

Sliding Doors

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The sliding doors can be constructed of wood or aluminum and have frosted or clear glass within them. Some sliding doors do not let light through because they are entirely solid. The sliding doors are also used to divide two rooms, just like the folding doors.

They are therefore a poor choice for bedrooms. However, they can also serve as closet doors on occasion. The main advantage of sliding doors is that they occupy the least amount of space possible because they glide along the wall rather than swinging upward.

Panel Doors

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These days, panel doors can be found in every other house. The most stylish option for inside doors, they are. These doors are often made of MDF or wood. These doors set themselves apart from other doors thanks to their traditional square panel layout. Panel doors are a great option for bathrooms and bedrooms.


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