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Quirky Uses for a Used Hearse

When buying a new-to-you vehicle, consider a used hearse. Your family and friends may tease you about your new set of wheels. However, a hearse can be quite versatile. Here are some creative ways to get value out of your unique vehicle.

Transportation for Children and Teens

A used hearse for sale is ideal for transporting groups of kids and teens. This vehicle comes with a spacious interior and multiple benches for plenty of kids. It has far more room than a traditional minivan or SUV and is sure to earn you major cool points with kids and teens who will enjoy the gothic allure. Save money on group outings by packing the whole sports team or youth group into your hearse whenever possible.

Used Hearse

Makeshift Camper

Who needs an expensive RV or trailer when you have a hearse? Remove some of the internal panels and you can transform it into a cozy minimalist camper. The rear cargo area is perfect for sleeping bags or a mattress. Bring along some curtains for privacy and you have an instant mobile bedroom to take on road trips or camping weekends.

Drive-in Movie Watching

The boxy shape and huge rear window of a hearse allow for prime drive-in movie-watching experiences. Remove or fold down some of the rear seats and spread out with blankets and pillows. The high roof means you won’t block anyone’s view. Your hearse will be the envy of the drive-in theater.

Transport Rescue Animals

Animal shelters often struggle with having enough vehicles and cages to transfer rescued pets from place to place. That’s where your spare hearse comes in. Line the floors with pads and turn the hearse into a mobile animal transport. The sectioned-off interior is perfect for keeping dogs, cats, and other animals in separate enclosures while in transit to vet appointments, adoption fairs, or foster homes.

Haunted house or Halloween decoration

Halloween is a time when your unusual vehicle will truly shine. Nothing says creepy quite like a vehicle historically used to transport coffins and corpses. Parked in your driveway or next to the graveyard scene on your front lawn, a classic black hearse will instantly amp up the spookiness. Leave the back door tantalizingly ajar with a coffin peeking out the back or decorate the windows with spiderwebs and light it up with an eerie green glow at night.

If you plan to drive it around on Halloween, a hearse also makes for a great haunted hayride vehicle. Load up a few skeletal passengers to terrify folks as you creep around town or wind through wooded back roads. Offer thrilling hearse rides to brave trick-or-treaters looking for an extra fright on All Hallows’ Eve. For those with the resources, going all out and acquiring a decommissioned antique hearse with chrome details and tail fins, then restoring it to its former macabre glory, is the ultimate way to telegraph your favorite ghoulish holiday.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good used hearse. With some creative thinking, this often-stigmatized vehicle can become the most versatile and fun auto investment you’ve made. Whether aiming for practicality or novelty, you’re sure to find many handy uses for a pre-owned hearse that make it well worth the initial purchase.

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