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Ultimate guide about camping in the UAE

Spending the night under the stars while camping is one of the best ways to see the UAE’s sights and enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery. Now is the time to take advantage of the season’s milder temperatures by packing your tent and hitting the road for a cross-country camping trip. Hosting events is easy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the country offers various options, including Yacht Rental Dubai Marina, Camping, sky diving and many more.

It would help if you thought about the following before loading the car for a camping trip away from society. Get set to go! Before you show up there with your tent and pitch, you should know a few things.


Making plans ahead of time

Planning a camping trip involves more than just picking out a tent and putting it up.

Especially if you’re in the middle of the desert, you should do everything you can to make sure your trip is safe and fun.

Still, you should have a few things before you head out into the great outdoors.

You’ll need a tent, a sleeping bag or other bedding, pillows, and a reliable source of water and food. You should also bring a spade, a cooler and cooking gear if you need to dig your car out. But please remember to bring bags so you can pick up your trash and return the outdoors to how it was before.

Keeping your safety in mind

But even though the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a safe place to enjoy the outdoors, you should take a few precautions before setting up camp there.

Those who aren’t traveling with you should know where you’ll be in case of an emergency.

Check the forecast and bring warm layers for the evenings. Also, bring sunscreen, hats, and light clothing for the day, since the weather can quickly turn hot and humid.

If you’re going on a long trip, it’s a good idea to stock up on water before you leave. 

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Put your phone on charge.
  • Please double-check your gear.
  • Keep an eye on your car’s fluid levels and tyre pressure.
  • Pack warm layers
  • Expect temperature swings, maybe heavy precipitation, and gusty winds.
  • Share your whereabouts and scheduled return time with your friends.
  • Sand shoes should be worn when strolling on the beach.
  • Camp out before nightfall, as erecting a tent in the dark is more challenging.

Please avoid the following guidelines:

  • Do it yourself, but bring more than one car if one breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  • Set up a camp without permission on private lands, like beaches or farms.
  • Set up camp near some dunes.
  • It would be smart to bury your grill in the sand so no one would trip over it.
  • Leave food out overnight, and bugs and animals will come to eat it.
  • Start a fire without permission.
  • Go dune bashing if you don’t have a car with four-wheel drive.
  • Don’t set up camp too far from the shore, or the tides could wash you away.


Spend the night in the Ajman Desert

Have you ever driven down Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Ajman at dusk and thought about how many SUVs are parked in the desert? In extra to being a popular camping spot for UAE residents who like to take it easy, the country is also known for its beautiful sunsets.

This desert spot is a great place to set up a campfire and grill some meat while enjoying the quiet. You can expect to hear some distant group talk, which adds to the atmosphere. Also, you won’t be too cut off from the rest of the world if you decide the night air is too cold or you forget to bring the vital meats for a bbq.

Sharjah’s Fossil Rock

Is that a big rock right in the middle of a field of sand dunes that keep moving? We think that’s what you’ll think if you go to Mleiha, a town about an hour’s drive from Sharjah. So, it is a beacon for UAE campers who are looking for hiking trails, acres of space to set up their tents, and a whole building to explore.

 Fossil Rock is a popular tourist spot because it is an important archaeological site with many marine fossils. Is it time to pull out the axe? Yes, but first make sure you have a 4×4 vehicle to handle the rough roads. Aside from that, you should start digging for fossils right away.

Ras Al Khaimah Desert

People like to camp in the Ras Al Khaimah Desert because it isn’t too far away. On the plain, where farms and camel pens are scattered, tourists and explorers go on four-wheel drive safaris or camel treks. This part of the UAE is full of Bedouin history and shows how people used to live in the desert. Even more reasons to camp in this huge country.

Even though people live close by, it’s still hard to camp in a desert area. Bring your supplies, as there are no stores around. On a dawn walk, you’ll see desert ephemerals, hyacinths, thumbs blooming, banyan trees, palms, wild birds, and Arabian oryx.

Best Time to visit UAE for Camping

The United Arab Emirates is in a great spot in the middle of the Middle East. The weather changes from hot and humid to dry, so if you don’t like to sweat buckets, the best time to go outside is from October to April.

Mountain ranges and wadis are also there. In the winter, the temperature at higher altitudes can drop below freezing. Be careful about making travel plans that involve wadis in the winter, and keep an eye on the weather forecasts because things can change quickly.

The weekends are a popular time to go camping because locals and foreigners like camping then. If you’re a tourist or have some flexibility in your schedule, the week is the best time to visit these popular places.


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