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Top 7 Manga That You Must Have in Your Reading List

Manga reading has gained so much popularity in the past few decades thanks to its addictive drawing and writing style. Mangaowl originates mainly from Japan and is read by people of all ages everywhere around the world. These books have more extensive stories, cool characters, and graphic art style which is not available in typical West comic books.

If you are new to manga and looking for some recommendations or you have completed your old list of Mangago and you need something new to read, this article is the best for you.

Here are some of the top manga series that you should definitely keep on your reading list:

1. Attack on Titan:

This manga has gained a huge fan base all thanks to its art style and an extremely detailed and unique plot. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic land where humans have to live behind walls to save themselves from humanoid creatures who love to feast on human flesh.

The protagonist Erin Yeager and his friends now take it on themselves to kill all of these monsters and now they have to train as hard as they can to get where they want to go.

2. Kimetsu No Yaiba: Demon Slayer:

The main character Tanjiro goes on a journey to save his sister and all of humanity by becoming a skilled demon slayer. 

The demons have abilities like regeneration, super strength, magical powers, etc. They can only be killed with a special type of blade possessed by the members of the secret society Demon Slayer Corpse. This manga is available on free manga sites like mangastream.

3. Full Metal Alchemist:

The story takes place in a world where people respect the science of alchemy and are trained in using it for fighting and other purposes. There are some rules that every alchemist has to abide by such ad never transmitting gold or humans and if they do, they will have to face serious repercussions.

The story begins when two brothers Edward and Alphonse try to resurrect their mother thorough alchemy but, in the process, lose parts of their own bodies.

4. Death Note:

The story is about a boy who stumbles upon a magical book that allows him to kill whoever he wants and to control how those people die. He takes it upon himself to kill all the evil guys from the world but ends up killing some innocent people too and now he has to work hard to keep his identity a secret.

5. Dororo:

This story is about a boy who was born disfigured and without facial features because of a pact made by his father with demons. The boy now has to find out all these demons and kill them in order to regain his human form. There is great action, dialogues, and a cool writing style which every manga lover will definitely enjoy.

6. One Punch Man:

Who doesn’t like superheroes, right? Well, this manga is all about a group of heroes who work in an organization where they are ranked based on their talents and strengths.

The story is mainly about a guy named Saitama who claims to have gained immeasurable strength through his constant training. The plot is unique with extremely powerful characters and the art style.

7. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation:

This manga is about a boy who feels neglected due to his father being busy all the time running his Town. The story takes place in a world of ninjas where people are trained in special fighting styles based on the clans and villages that they belong to.

The protagonist and his friends are young Ninjas in training who have to learn about the history of the nation and fight serious threats to their land. Visit pastnews for more info.

Final Thoughts:

We really hope the above list of manga series has been of some help to you. All of these manga series are highly popular and they have received appreciation and high ratings from readers on all manga streaming sites. So, we urge you to try these out as well and have fun reading these exceptional manga series with extremely addictive plots and descriptive drawing styles. We hope you find your next favorite manga to read from the above options and have lots of fun.


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