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Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Engagement Rings

The jewelry of the stars is striking in its price and uniqueness. What decorates the fingers of queens, princesses, and Hollywood celebrities? Gemistone Jewelers has compiled a selection of the most famous (and beautiful!) Celebrity Famous Engagement rings.

  1. Grace Kelly

The irresistible beauty Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, wore an exquisite 10.5-carat emerald cut diamond ring from Cartier in white gold. Looks impressive, right? The price of the engagement ring is appropriate – $ 4 million.

However, this is not the first ring that Prince Rainier III put on her finger. It was preceded by a neat ring with diamonds and rubies from the same Cartier house. But soon Rainier decided that his wife was worthy of a decoration that would overshadow both Hollywood divas and other royal persons.

  1. Elizabeth Tylor

Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor was still a lover of jewelry, and the men caring for her competed in the exclusivity of gifts. To assess the scale of Elizabeth’s hobby, we note that her collection consisted of 269 items and went under the hammer at the auction for 116 million dollars.

One of her spouses (and Taylor managed to get married as many as 9 times), Richard Burton, bought a 33-carat diamond at auction for $ 307,000. Now it is estimated at 2 million. This diamond was supposed to be worn by the most gorgeous woman in the world. I could not allow Jackie Kennedy or Sophia Loren to be considered such, “Burton said. Elizabeth adored the ring, which was inlaid with this stone, and wore it without removing it.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II

The engagement ring that Prince Philip gave the future Queen Elizabeth is not the most expensive on our list. But the most touching – quiet! 

The beginning of the couple’s relationship fell on a difficult period: the post-war years hit hard both Britain and the controversial reputation of the Greek monarch of the Mountbatten family. Philip’s family was not very wealthy, so to create an engagement ring, the prince had to disassemble the tiara of his mother, Princess Alice. It was an important heirloom that was previously presented to Alice for her wedding by Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. 

For the royal box, the central diamond was quite modest – only 3 carats, and there are 10 more precious stones around. The remaining stones from the tiara were used by Philip for a bracelet, which he also presented to Elizabeth.

Despite the modesty of the jewelry, Queen Elizabeth considers this gift to be one of the dearests to her heart: she practically does not take off her engagement ring, and to this day the paparazzi catch it in the frame when the queen takes off her gloves.

  1. Natalie Portman

The chosen one of Natalie Portman, dancer Benjamin Millepier, also decided to amaze the bride not with a weighty diamond, but with attention to detail. 

As you know, the actress is engaged in social activities, fights for animal rights, and adheres to veganism. Such a girl cannot be caught with expensive trinkets; here you need to try 🙂 Benjamin turned to jeweler Jaime Wolf, and together they created a piece of jewelry that meets the ideals of the bride.

The main material is recycled platinum, with a 3-carat antique diamond set in the center, surrounded by “conflict-free” diamonds. This mark means that workers were not harmed or exposed to unfair working conditions while mining the stones.

By the way, it was Natalie Portman’s engagement ring that brought into fashion the “halo” model – a ring in which the central stone is surrounded by smaller stones. Thanks to this technique, the main stone of the jewelry looks even more massive.

  1. Princess Daina and Kate Middleton

A large Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds is one of the most famous royal jewelry. It was this ring that Prince Charles gave Diana Spencer as an engagement gift. 

At that time, the engagement ring was worth 28 thousand pounds (today this amount is equivalent to 110 thousand).

However, the jewelry did not strengthen the failed marriage: it is known that in the heat of a quarrel, Diana even threw this ring at her husband.

Diana loved the sapphire ring so much that even after the divorce, the princess did not want to take it off. However, the marriage contract stipulated that it and several other decorations were to return to the royal treasury. 

After the death of the owner, Diana’s youngest son, 12-year-old Harry, took the engagement ring as a memento. But at the moment when William decided to propose to Kate Middleton, Harry gave the jewelry to his older brother – another proof of the strong friendship between the crown princes.  

By the way, the popularity of the ring is so great that in 2016 Kensington Palace even banned replicas of jewelry.

  1. Mariah Carey

Mariah received a gorgeous 35-carat diamond ring worth 7.5 million as an engagement gift from billionaire James Packer. By the way, the American singer also received a generous gift from her previous husband – the engagement ring cost Nick Cannon $ 2.5 million. 

However, these gifts did not bring happiness: they did not come to the wedding, the couple broke up and Mariah sold the ring from Packer to a jeweler. 

  1. Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy chose her engagement ring herself – it was a chic art deco piece from the jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels. The unusual engagement ring was adorned with a diamond and an emerald. The design of the ring refers to the jewelry that Napoleon I presented to Josephine: the motif of the two stones, personifying the future spouses, came precisely from their history. 

Later, in 1963, the first lady asked for the addition of diamond laurel branches as a symbol of glory and victory. Finding pictures of Jackie with a ring is difficult: she truly loved it, but considered it too luxurious for her time, so she often hid it under gloves so as not to attract too much attention.

After the tragic death of John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline returned the ring to its original form in memory of him.

  1. Paris Hilton

In mid-February 2021, Paris Hilton accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, businessman Carter Reum. The unique engagement ring was created by the great-grandson of Louis Cartier, Jean Doucet. 

The ring was named after the bride, Paris. Inspired by Paris’ favorite café La Palette, the 15-diamond design features a P with a sapphire inside.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kanye West gave his beloved a generous gift: a 15 carat diamond ring from Lorraine Schwartz. The rapper himself participated in the creation of the jewelry design and tried to make the massive diamond seem to float in the air.

Later, Kanye gave Kim another ring, with a larger 20 carat stone, but it was stolen in Paris. Unidentified persons broke into the Kardashian’s room, tied the star, and stole several jewelleries, including a ring. 

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Surprisingly, Monroe’s jewelry collection was small, but a few pieces of jewelry earned a place in history. The famous wedding ring with 35 diamonds was presented to the Hollywood diva by her second husband, Joe DiMaggio, on her wedding day. The marriage itself did not last long: just 8 months later, the couple broke up due to jealousy and mistrust. Still, Marilyn was a noticeable woman, and the scene with her skirt flying up put an end to the relationship with Joe. 

A baguette-cut diamond ring from a famous baseball player went under the hammer for $ 420,000 in 2011.


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