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Things to Look for When Comparing New Cars in Dubai

There are so many factors that you must compare when selecting and comparing new cars for sale in Dubai. Many buyers base their decision only on emotions – how they feel about the car.

It is a costly mistake — but fortunately, as you read this article, you’re probably wondering about the really important costs.

Auto experts advise consumers to shortlist multiple models to make an informed decision. There are multiple crucial factors that you need to check when comparing new cars for sale in Dubai.

Factors to Consider When Comparing New Cars for Sale in Dubai

Let’s take a deep look at the most important factors to check when making a vehicle comparison to buy new car in Dubai:


Horsepower is a term used in the early days of the automobile. You can measure a car’s capacity in horsepower.

Preferably, one horsepower equals the work a horse can do. As horsepower increases, a car appears more capable of merging into highway traffic, reaching cruising speeds, and navigating on busy city streets. 

However, one should note that fuel consumption and horsepower are inversely proportional. For example, the more horsepower a new car for sale in Dubai has, the more fuel it will use, even though advanced fuel-efficient technologies are being built into cars today.


Mileage is another essential factor to consider when comparing two new cars for sale in Dubai, especially when fuel prices are skyrocketing almost daily. 

If you need the car for a long daily commute or plan many car trips, then the mileage is a crucial factor to consider when buying a new car in Dubai.

Although high-end luxurious cars tend to have better performance and, therefore, better fuel efficiency, don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap sedan and thinking it will save you fuel.


Road safety is extremely important as road accidents are unfortunately becoming more common with an increasing number of sedans on the roads of the UAE. 

Therefore, safety features in a vehicle are extremely important when comparing new cars for sale in Dubai.

In addition to the now-mandatory airbags, there are some other add-on safety features that automakers are incorporating into their latest and advanced models. Some of the latest safety features to look out for when conducting a vehicle price comparison relate to driver assistance technology. 

These safety features include a blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and lane departure warning.


Unlike land, which increases in value over time, cars tend to decrease in value over the years. Therefore, depreciation costs are another crucial factor to consider when comparing new cars for sale in Dubai. 

It is very likely that in a few years, you may want to upgrade to a better car model, so knowing your existing car’s resale value is extremely important.

Each car model has a different depreciation rate, the order in which its value continues to decrease with use and over time. 

Therefore, be sure to verify the certain depreciation costs for the particular model you intend to buy.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when you are comparing two cars. You need to look at not just the sticker price but also how much it will cost to operate over the long run. A car that seems like a good deal at the time may not be such a good deal when you have to pay for fuel every week.

Maintenance Cost

A car’s maintenance cost is much higher than most first-time buyers expect. High-end luxury cars require higher maintenance costs because repairs and replacement components are often more expensive than those of less expensive cars.

However, a cheap car can be more trouble than it’s worth. It is because the cost of maintaining such an expensive vehicle is often more than the car itself is worth in the long run.


Many new cars come with at least a 36-month/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. This type of warranty will cover any issues with the car during this period, excluding minor wear and tear items like the battery, brake pads, and tires.

Some automakers offer longer powertrain coverage. For example, Hyundai offers some of its vehicles a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. When comparing two new cars for sale in Dubai, it makes sense to look at which one comes with more generous coverage.

Reliability Ratings

When you buy a new car, it’s important to consider how well it will hold up over the long term. Some vehicles are more reliable than others, so it pays to check the reliability ratings before buying. 

A car with poor reliability could cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary maintenance and repairs if you don’t look at the total cost of ownership and not just the up-front price.

Wrapping it up

When you compare new cars for sale in Dubai, experts recommend checking the horsepower, safety features, mileage, cost of depreciation, fuel efficiency, maintenance, and reliability rating. It is a good way to ensure you buy new car in Dubai for your needs and enjoy driving it without any hassles.


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