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The Voice for Mental Health, Justice, and Kindness | Greg Atkinson

“I struggle with mental illness” are the words that Greg Atkinson mentions in the video he released on YouTube last year. He has been the voice of mental health, justice, and kindness for over three decades. He chooses to break his silence about his own mental condition in the video he shared, for he understands to the deepest core the struggles people go through when they are confined in their own selves due to their mental health conditions. 

Individuals must be brave enough to admit publicly that they suffer from mental illness that may extend to anxiety, depression, OCD, and even bipolar disorders. For Greg, talking about mental health and issues pertaining to it is his passion. According to the best-selling author and life coach, it breaks his heart to see someone falling apart due to poor mental health. 

In order to help the people struggling with mental health issues and to treat them with kindness, Greg chooses to talk about it quite openly without caring much about the stigmas attached to these issues. He believes that God has blessed him in every aspect of his life; therefore, it is his responsibility to help those in need. People refer to him as the voice of mental health, justice, and kindness. 

Greg’s Insights on Mental Health

Greg Atkinson is a renowned writer, counselor, leadership coach, and consultant who helps people become a better version of themselves. He not only encourages people to come forward and talk about their mental health issues but also assures them it is completely fine to seek help when struggling with issues such as anxiety and depression. 

He talks about how heart-wrenching it was for him to find out about a young pastor ending his life since he had some serious mental health issues going on with him that he did not mention to anyone. Another pastor in his early forties did the same, making Greg take steps to encourage people to take help and visit a psychologist or a consultant before taking as huge a step as committing suicide. Greg mentions, “Depression is real. Don’t oversimplify mental illness into not having a quiet time or healthy prayer life.” 

Greg occasionally acknowledges whenever he is in public addressing or through his videos the existence of anxiety and depression in people and how they are likely to stay silent about such issues. He not only has a much deeper understanding of such issues, being himself a victim of bipolar disorder but also admits that talking about these issues with professionals whose job is to help them manage their anxiety and depression could be fruitful to a greater extent than one can imagine. 

Greg  Atkinson– The Advocate of Justice and Kindness

Greg thinks that justice and kindness go hand in hand. Be patient and fair to others. He thinks the weak are particularly vulnerable. He says, “Staff, servants, and volunteers are precious.” He wants the world to understand that we should be kind to these individuals since they support our company. We are merely the public face of our company; these employees actually perform the majority of the essential job that we do. They look out for us and make sure that our business only expands for everyone’s benefit.

He emphasizes on the importance of being fair, justice, and kind while still observing justice. For an individual to be successful in life, it is quite crucial for them to be just in what they do. It helps shape their personalities. Besides, being just and kind means you favor humankind by returning only good to it. You must be fair and just not only with the people you are closely related to but to those you are not, including people in your workplace or people who approach you to seek help from your wisdom. 

He frequently coaches people on how they can be kind towards others and the impact their kindness may have on people who are in dire need of it. The world is already saturated with hardship and cruelty. Being kind to others will contribute to making people’s lives less miserable, if not easier. As Greg Atkinson sees, social and spiritual issues are “messy,” and they can drive individuals on the verge of giving up, be it their goals, dreams, or even life. Observing kindness towards them would contribute to making this world a much happier and better place.


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