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The Trend We are Seeing with 3 Wheel Bikes in 2022

Tricycles are for kids, right? Not anymore. Adult three-wheel bikes have existed since the mid-1800s, but now they’re making a major comeback. An adult size tricycle can be your passport to making cycling comfortable and enjoyable. Keep reading to learn about three-wheel bikes’ benefits plus what to look for when shopping for your own. 

Fun & Convenient Transportation

 If you originally learned how to ride bikes as a child, you undoubtedly experienced a few spills along the way. Traditional two-wheelers require balancing, which is a tricky feat for people of any age. Many people master this skill, but it can be especially challenging for people with certain mobility, developmental or balance disorders.

A tricycle’s design addresses this issue by placing two wheels in the rear instead of only one. This adds more stability and allows the bike to remain upright when you mount, dismount and ride. Most adult tricycles are designed for comfort, so enjoying a fun, convenient and pain-free ride is as easy as hopping on and pedaling. Because you can pedal at your own pace, an adult three-wheel bike also lets you enjoy leisurely rides as far as your desire and stamina can take you. 

Trikes Are Great for Seniors

Many adult trikes for sale are available on the market. Popular models like Sixthreezero’s BodyEase make cycling accessible to people with back, knee and joint pain. With its ergonomic riding and pedaling positions, the BodyEase keeps your body properly aligned to reduce or eliminate back, shoulder and wrist pain. It also incorporates a step-through frame that makes mounting and dismounting effortless. 

The key to finding the best three-wheel bike for you is understanding your needs. Consider seat firmness and height, handlebar distance and riding position. Most people are comfortable on moderately firm seats, as they provide an optimal amount of support. Also, look for a three-wheel bike with an adjustable height seat. When the pedal is in the three o’clock position, your knee should directly align with the ball of your foot. Be sure to check out each model’s specs to help you determine if it will properly your body. 

Manual or Electric?

Three-wheel bikes come in both traditional and electric versions. An electric tricycle gives you even more riding options thanks to its battery-powered motor. Many models use either a front wheel or rear hub drive motor with two different modes available: full power or pedal assist. Full power does exactly what it says — it provides all the power for moving your bike. Pedal assist provides a little extra juice, but you must still do some pedaling on your own. You can also switch power modes as needed for climbing hills. And should you require a replacement battery for electric tricycle, you can easily get one from your bike’s manufacturer. 

It’s no surprise why adult three-wheel bikes are popular: They open up new possibilities. Whether you struggle with balance, have joint pain or just enjoy the convenience, a three-wheeler is a simple, fun and handy way to get back into cycling.


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