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The photographer’s playbook: Meet digital content creator Chanell Huecker

Content creation on social media is an art that talented people like Chanell Huecker have mastered. It’s not a surprise that she has 100,000 accounts following her on TikTok. Apart from that, she has over 25,000 followers on Instagram. All these followers were gained in a little over a year!

Are you wondering what it is about Chanell’s digital content that is getting so much traction? It’s because she is creative, talented and puts out a variety of content based on her interests and hobbies.

Since the early days of her first YouTube channel in 2006, Chanell has been using her platform to create and spread joy. Her rise to stardom on TikTok exudes her love for movies as she recreates some of her favorite scenes. “I originally started creating videos solely catered to photography on TikTok,” Chanell shares. “However, I quickly felt myself gravitating towards movies.”

Instagram, on the other hand, reveals a look into her creative portraits, reels cherished by her followers

and partnerships with brands Chanell feels are making an impact in some way or another. So far, she has worked with companies such as Hulu and EVO Entertainment.

Are you wondering how Chanell manages to do so many different things to create intriguing content? Well, all the credit goes to her sheer hard work and dedication!

Chanell developed an interest in in the world of multimedia when her father gifted her a camera when she was only 12 year old. “My dad has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and continued to show his full support by brainstorming ideas with me and even helped me film most of my earliest videos on YouTube,” Chanell recalls. “Yeah, he’s my hero.”

Chanell graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication — and a minor in Theatre Arts —

From Texas State University in 2015. She continued to develop expertise in other aspects of content creation through YouTube tutorials. “If there’s ever a moment I feel stuck or unsure of how to go about editing or shooting, I search for helpful tutorials on YouTube to provide guidance. I have always valued quality over quantity and I always strive to put my best foot forward in everything I do.”

Dynamic and inventive, Chanell Huecker also believes fancy equipment isn’t required to create quality work. Capturing what makes brings you joy from the camera on your phone is one way to get your foot in the door. “Do what makes you happy, embrace your gifts and who you are without the fear of evolving,” she says. “Most importantly, never forget your roots.”

As far as inspiration is concerned, Chanell says she finds it in everything around her. Whether it be music, scenery, jewelry, or even a piece of clothing. “The community I’ve grown with continues to inspire me, too.” Chanell gushes. “It makes my heart smile knowing we share an abundance of joy and laughter through what I create. I feel so grateful.” Interested in keeping up with the different layers and talents Chanell Huecker radiates into the world? Follow her on Instagram and TikTok: @by.chanell – Prepare to be blown away.


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