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The Effect of Temperature on Flavor of Smoking Accessories

The Temperature of Your Vape Matters. Why?

Before we get into knowing which temperature is suitable and perfect for vaping weed by smoking accessories, one important question needs to be answered why does the temperature of the vaping matter?

Yes, the temperature of vaping matters the most because different temperatures produce different effects. Now, the question arises how? Because different heat levels create different reactions in the weed’s cannabinoids and terpenes.

How Does Temperature work for Vapes Bought from Vape Stores? 

The endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS, is directly affected by substances known as cannabinoids. Various psychological and physiological consequences are caused by a chain reaction when cannabinoids bind to ECS receptors. The outcomes thus vary with the temperature change.

Different Settings of the Vape Smoking Accessories Temperature and Its Effects 

Let’s look at some of the most popular temperature settings in electric vapes to know better why the temperature of your vape matters.

·        160 to 179 degrees Celsius or 320 to 355 degrees Fahrenheit – This temperature setting on your dry pipe vaporizer smoking accessories will typically bring out the flavor of the marijuana while producing a relatively modest buzz. Many vapers prefer it because it frees them up to go about daily activities and is gentle on their throat. At this temperature, cotton mouth occurrences will be reduced.

·        180 to 199 degrees Celsius or 356 to 391 degrees Fahrenheit – In this situation, enhanced psychoactive effects start to override the taste and smell of the marijuana. Taste and scent won’t completely disappear; they will only be diminished. You get a more robust high because more THC is evaporated at this higher temperature through your smoking accessories. 

 Many people believe that this temperature offers the “best of both worlds,” as you obtain a satisfying high while also being able to appreciate the herb’s particular fragrant features. People love dry pipes for such purposes. 

·        200 to 230 degrees Celsius or 392 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit – When folks set their vaporizer gotten from an online smoking accessories store at this temperature, they want to spend the evening anchored to the sofa in their apartment. With sore throats, dry coughs, cottonmouth, and other unpleasant side effects being quite typical, vaping at this temperature can come at a hefty price.

Some Other Recommendations for the Vape 

Here are a few more considerations when deciding what temperature to set your vaporizer.

A large portion of the heat generated by the vaporizer will go toward drying out the herb if the marijuana is wet. 

Therefore, dry your marijuana out a little before vaping it if you want to reap the full flavor of a certain temperature setting. It shouldn’t be wholly wet but shouldn’t adhere to your fingertips. A few hours of exposure to air should be sufficient.

Also, you might not completely burn up all of the cannabinoids in the herb when vaping through smoking accessories at a lower temperature. Instead, consider utilizing the herb for tea or snacks to create some of those slow-motion highs to enjoy all day.

The effects of various temperatures are probably also influenced by the weed’s strain. In other words, vaping one strain at 356 to 391 degrees Fahrenheit may result in a perfect balance between buzz and aroma. Moreover, smoking another strain at the same temperature may result in sweeter odors than heady highs.

Any temperature below roughly 315 degrees Fahrenheit (157 degrees Celsius) will smell fantastic but won’t have many psychedelic effects. In essence, if you vape at those temps, you’ll have to buy the expensive air freshener on the planet.


Setting and looking for the right temperature while vaping through dry pipes and other smoking accessories is very important because it enhances the experience. You got to try it yourself before making the decision. 


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