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The Best Logo Maker Apps For Android In 2023

When it comes to business, your logo is the first thing people will see. It’s the face of your company, and it needs to be powerful and memorable. In order to make a logo that sticks in customers’ minds, you need a professional designer.

But if you don’t have one on hand or don’t want to spend money on one? There are tons of great apps out there that can help you create an awesome logo from scratch or even design one from an existing image. These eight are our favorites:


Designhill is the best option for creating a logo, business card, infographic, and website. It’s also good for designing any other kind of graphic design such as banners or posters.

Designhill comes with a fantastic collection of templates that you can use to save time on the design process. You can either select from the pre-made designs or customize them according to your needs by adding text, images, and other elements to them.


Desygner is a free logo maker app for Android with over 3 million downloads. It is one of the best-known and most popular logo maker apps on the Google Play Store. The best thing about Desygner is that it has been downloaded by millions of users, but you need not worry if you are a newbie because they have plenty of tutorials to help you create your very own logo design.

The app has many features including:

  • A large library of pre-made logos, fonts, and templates
  • A large library of clipart, images, and icons

Logopit Plus

Logopit Plus is a free logo maker app for Android that offers a variety of templates and features, including color scheme options, fonts, graphic elements, and more. The Logopit Plus interface features an intuitive design with easy-to-use tools for creating logos for your business or personal use.

While it’s not as powerful as some other paid apps on this list, it’s still a good option if you’re looking for something simple to get started designing your own logo on your Android device.

Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop is a fairly new design app, but it’s already proven to be one of the best. With over 50k+ users and 150,000 designs to choose from, Logo Maker Shop is by far the most popular logo maker app on Android. It has a 4.1-star rating with over 360 reviews—and those are just the ones in English!

Logo Maker Shop also has some excellent features that make it stand out:

  • Different categories of logos so you can find exactly what you’re looking for
  • An easy way to share your logo with friends and colleagues via email or social media


Canva is a great tool for creating logos and other designs. It has a huge selection of ready-made templates that are perfect for creating any kind of logo, whether you’re in need of one for your company or just want to make some art.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use, with only a few buttons and options at hand. You can choose from hundreds of different fonts, colors, patterns, and even shapes if you want to create something unique out of your design.

This app comes with many features including the ability to add text boxes so that you can add copy to your designs or write short bios about yourself when posting on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter (which are included as well).

There are also filters available so that users can adjust their images before uploading them onto platforms like Instagram. 

They may not always look as sharp as intended due to compression algorithms used by those sites’ servers during download/upload processes between users’ devices Vs. sending them directly from our own computers through FTP services such as Filezilla Server software installations on Windows OS operating systems which have been proven since its first release date back in 1995!

Logotype Maker

Logotype Maker is a free logo creator app that allows you to create a logo in just 3 steps. With over 2 million logos created by users around the world, it’s no surprise that Logotype Maker is one of the most popular apps on the market today. The logo maker gives you the opportunity to create unique logos with just a few clicks, no design skills are required!

This easy-to-use app will allow you to focus on what matters most: your brand! The logo maker is the perfect tool for both entrepreneurs and small businesses. It means those who are looking for a professional logo but don’t want to pay for it. This app allows you to create a high-quality logo that can be used on all of your social media platforms, websites, and more!

Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs is a free logo maker app that has been used by over one million people. It’s easy to use and offers over 50,000 templates and a wide variety of tools for editing your logo. The greatest feature of this app is the fact that it’s compatible with all kinds of businesses. This means, that small businesses to large corporations need an official-looking logo for their business cards or website.

LogoScopic Studio

LogoScopic Studio is a powerful logo design tool that lets you create stunning logos in minutes. It has a huge collection of over 500,000 icons, patterns, and backgrounds to choose from. You can also import your own design elements or photos using the built-in photo editor.

LogoScopic Studio comes with hundreds of stunning fonts available for free download. The app also offers a full range of editing options like filters, overlays, shadows, and effects. It can help you achieve the perfect look for your brand identity.

Final words

While you can use one of these apps to design a logo for free, it pays to pick an option that offers upgrades and additional features. For example, the Designhill logo design has some great options for advanced users who want more customization options. If you’re looking to design a logo, there are plenty of options available. The best thing to do is try out some of these apps and see which one works best for your needs.


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