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The Best Halloween Jewelry on the Market

Spooky season is just around the corner, and some of us are keen to get into the “spirit” before the 31st. One of the best ways to achieve this is by sporting the latest Halloween jewelry as soon as possible. When hearing the term “Halloween jewelry”, you’d be forgiven for thinking we were talking about costume jewelry. Despite this, many fashion designers have created spooky accessories using quality metals and precious jewels. As a result, you don’t have to reserve your spooky jewelry for Halloween, and you can incorporate some edge into your attire all year round.

Skeleton Earrings

One of the most subtle ways to incorporate some spookiness into your attire is via earrings, as these are often relatively small accessories. When it comes to popular Halloween characters, skeletons are the perfect choice for earrings, as it’s so easy to make them fashionable. One of the best ways to achieve this fashionable appearance is via diamonds (whether they be genuine or faux). For the maintenance of an edgy appearance, the best color for these diamonds to opt for is either black or white. Similarly, having the arms and legs on hinges will make them wonderfully dynamic.

A Spider Headpiece

Slightly more extravagant than the aforementioned skeleton earrings is a stunning spider headpiece. This isn’t likely something that can be worn outside of a themed black-tie gala; however, it’s an accessory that’s sure to make a statement. A statement headpiece such as this is the ideal way of proving that Halloween can be glamorous, especially when considering the extent to which it can be embellished. From stunning pearls to sparkly gems, a spider headpiece is sure to enable you to tread the balance between spooky and stylish.

A Fire Opal Necklace

Not directly related to Halloween, but the fire opal boasts a stunning orange color, which is perfect for the autumn and Halloween alike. Not only are fire opals beautiful and rare, but they also have various positive meanings and attributes for their wearers. For instance, the fire opal is said to represent the joy of the heart, symbolizing passion and joy. Not only is this positivity said to reflect upon your personal life, but also your career and hobbies, promising success and good fortune. Not only will a fire opal necklace provide you with the most elegant autumnal accessory, but it’s thought to transform your life in a positive light.

A Thorn Cuff

A simultaneously unique and elegant accessory is a cuff, and what better way to play into the spookiness of Halloween than with a thorn accessory? The appearance of thorns presents you with the perfect opportunity to tread the balance between sophistication and edginess. This is because thorns create an understated appearance; however, they also come with the spiky edge of a fashionista. Similarly, this accessory doesn’t have to be exclusively worn for Halloween, and can work just as well as a spring, summer, or even winter accessory.

A Spiderweb Ring

Last but not least is a spiderweb ring, but we’re not talking about the ones that you win at the arcade. Instead, we mean a diamante ring in the shape of an extravagant cobweb with a glittery spider sitting among it. By adding some chains into the web, the design becomes more intricate, making it a more elegant and detailed accessory. Whether you’re wanting to contribute to your Halloween ensemble or make your everyday attire a little spookier, this is the perfect addition to one’s jewelry box.

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