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The Best Golf Simulators Out There (And How To Get One)

Playing golf from the comfort of your home remained a dream for many. Home golf simulator setups emerged as a unique solution to this need. They are a game changer for professional golfers as well as others. They serve the purpose of improving your skills and eliminating the need to go outside to play golf. 

Golf simulator setups vary in quality, features, and reliability. Whether you want to improve your skill or want to have fun, they can be an ideal choice. You must pay keen attention to choosing the right one.

If you have been thinking of having a golf simulator at home, you are at the right place. The article focuses on the best golf simulators on the market. It also includes tips on how to get the best one for yourself.

5 Best Golf Simulators

Luckily, there is a wide range of best indoor golf simulators on the market. We have listed our top picks for the best golf simulator for home below. You can analyze them and choose the right one for you according to your needs and requirements. 

  1. SkyTrack

If you are looking for the best golf simulators for home, give a try to the SkyTrack simulator. It offers a wide range of golf courses to play with different software integrations. The software plans usually come with yearly payment plans. You can choose from plenty of packages based on affordability and features. 

  • It costs you around $2000. 
  • The most highlighting feature of this simulator is its accuracy. 
  • It measures the spin and distance of the ball. It does not give a measure of the actual swing. 
  1. OptiShot 2 Simulator

This is the ideal choice among the best golf simulators under $1,000. You can use a practice ball with this package. A plastic or foam ball would also work fine with this home golf simulator setup. It is a cheap golf simulator that does not need a projector screen or even a net. 

  • It costs you around $300. 
  • It is good for beginners and entry-level golf players. If you only want it for entertainment, it might be good for you. 
  • It measures the basic elements such as the club’s speed, angle, and path. It might lack accuracy on individual shots. 

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  1. TruGolf Vista

TruGolf Vista ranks among high-end golf simulators for home. They feature real-like golf courses that provide the best experience. It measures not only accurate statistics but also offers instant feedback. The high-quality graphics provide the best simulation experience. 

The latest technology allows you to get statistics in real time. The accuracy in launch and impact statistics makes it a top choice among professionals. 

  • It might cost you between $10,000 and $20,000. With high costs come big benefits also. The rate depends on the package you choose. 
  • It succeeds SkyTrack in accuracy. 
  • It measures ball flight, speed, direction, and angle. 


  1. Foresight GCQuad

Foresight GCQuad ranks among the best golf simulators for a home for its accuracy. Professionals trust this setup due to its high-end features. The key statistics it measures include the ball’s angle, spin, and distance of the club. Besides accuracy, it offers other high-quality features. You can use the portable monitor for indoor and outdoor setup. 

  • It costs around $14,000 and $26,000. The variation in cost depends on the software package you choose. 
  • It offers detailed and accurate statistics. 
  • The long battery life and portability make it a game changer for the best golf simulators for home and outside. 
  1. Uneekor

This is a relatively new market entrant that has quickly gained popularity. The QED and EYEXO models are the most popular. It does not offer portability and therefore is good for the indoor fixture. You might need a 9 to 10 feet high ceiling to set up this simulator package. It offers detailed statistics, including ball speed, distance, spin, and angle. 

  • The price ranges between $10,000 and $20,000. 
  • These golf simulators are known for high-end cameras and the latest technology. The high-performing cameras offer accurate results.
  • The best thing is that it offers slow-motion videos for closer analyses.  


How to Get the Best Golf Simulator

Consider your golf simulator as an important investment. You must consider several factors to ensure the best indoor golf simulator. Have a look at the following buying guide to know how to get one. 


Your budget might be the most important concern when looking for a golf simulator. Plenty of costly golf simulators are available in the market, but they might not suit your budget. Decide whether you are looking for the best golf simulators under $1000 or $10,000. Do not compromise on the quality of the hardware or software against low cost. 


Size is another important thing to consider while getting the golf simulator for home. Getting too big or too small a simulator can prove to be a waste of money. Make sure you have enough space at your home to adjust everything included in the package. The screen and enclosure will take up considerable space. Get the right size that fits your space and suits your needs. 


The reasons why you want a golf simulator to decide the software you should have. You must know what kind of games you want to play on your simulator. The payment plans and features vary between different software. Choose the software and plan that is compatible with your needs. 

Professional golfers might need more sophisticated software. An average software package will work fine if you are only seeking entertainment. 

Type of Ball

You can play in a golf simulator using a real or practice ball. Some devices support the compatibility for a real ball, while others do not. You can choose a compatible simulator if you want to play using a practice ball to keep your space safe. Similarly, if you plan to use the real ball, get one accordingly. 

Bottom Line

A reliable golf simulator serves as an asset for you. Whether you are buying it for practicing your shots or having indoor fun, make sure you make the right choice. Have a close look at all available options to make the perfect pick. Hopefully, this article proves to be an effective guide to help you invest in the right golf simulator for your home. 


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