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The Best Fire Station Furniture: Look for Quality and Style

Because firefighters work hard and in a dangerous environment, it is important to have durable, comfortable furniture for them to use while they are on duty waiting for emergency fire calls. During their on-duty times, firefighters need a comfortable place to live and work. The furniture needs to be comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain.

Furnishing New or Refurbishing Existing Fire Stations

As money becomes available, many cities and towns are building new fire stations to replace substandard ones or are refurbishing existing fire stations. Because firefighters work so hard and in dangerous conditions, it is important to give them a comfortable place to live and work while they are on duty. The furniture needs to be functional, practical, attractive, comfortable, and durable.

Fire Station Furniture should be designed for firehouse use. Items needed will include beds, tables, seating, and storage options. Some of the furniture to look for will include:

  • Tables for eating, meetings, doing paperwork, and other uses in different sizes and shapes.
  • Chairs needed include dining chairs, desk chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, and more. The chairs should be a combination of armchairs, armless chairs, and stacking chairs.
  • There should be beds of the different types that will fit the allotted spaces. This can include bunk beds, frame-style beds, loft beds, and others. Each bed also needs an appropriate mattress.
  • Storage furniture of different sizes should be available for firefighters to store their belongings and for additional firehouse storage.

This fire station furniture needs to be attractive, home-like, and highly durable to stand up to up to hard use by firefighters. The firehouse is a firefighter’s home away from home, so it needs to be a pleasant space to rest and prepare for the job ahead.

In addition, the funds are going to be limited in many communities, so the firehouse furniture will need to fit into a limited budget. There is no room in the budget for purchasing mistakes and furniture that does not hold up as it should.

Fire stations normally are divided into a number of spaces, including a day room, kitchen, dining area, bunk rooms, and rooms for mobile turnout units, gear lockers, information technology, offices, restrooms, and shower rooms. All rooms will need to be furnished properly.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The purchasing process should include the help of an architect or designer who is familiar with commercial furniture requirements and firehouse furnishings in particular. One designer recommends staying away from furniture upholstered in fabrics. The furniture needs to be easily cleaned and disinfected. Naugahyde-type materials are a good choice for durability and cleanability. Fire stations do not want anywhere for germs or viruses to hide and flourish.

There should be schematic or floor plans generated to show where the furniture can be placed to best advantage. It is also an advantage to have at least two choices of furniture arrangement. Next, the designer or purchasing agent should be familiar with firehouse furniture specifications and seek several bids for furniture that meets those specs.

When a firehouse is being renovated, the purchasing agent might choose to keep some existing furniture that is in good condition and purchase new furniture that coordinates with it. This saves money and limits waste. The goal is to end up with an attractive and practical space for firefighters to live and work in during their duty times.

Fire Stations are important in any community because there are thousands of structures fires every year that need to be put out, and forest fires are becoming more common and more serious. These fires cause multiple injuries and deaths. Firefighters must be treated like the important assets they are to every community for fighting and putting out all types of fires.


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