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The A – Z Of Wine Box

Today, we will talk about how to make a wine box with a versatile storage capacity! The third “Women’s DIY Club Starting from Zero” is … We will challenge the wine box that can store the cause of the clutter in the room at once! If you know how to make the basics, it is a convenient item that you can adjust the size and depth to make it applicable. 

Can the staff o [Material] Side

plate A (89 x 270 mm) … 2 sheets Side plate B (89 x 395 mm) … 2 sheets Bottom plate (89 x 395 mm) … 3 sheets Screw nails (25 mm) … 20 sheets 

[Work process]

■ Assemble the wine box

■ Apply paint Put the logo on the stencil ■ Finish 

with a sander and wax

 (The price of the sales kit excluding paint costs)

■ Assemble the wine box,

 First of all, we will assemble the wine box that will be the base.

 Point 1 

When marking the position where you want to hit the nail, use the wood. 

If the at-home VOX editorial department masters how to make it ?

That’s right. Because of the troublesome process of “measuring 5 mm from the edge and marking”, you feel you are not good at woodworking. However, drawing a line as it is with the wood you use makes it convenient to save time and effort!

After marking, make a pilot hole with an electric drill. Then, combine the woods, apply woodworking adhesive, and hit the nails.

Point 2 

The difficulty of making a wooden box is the first shot! Indeed it was a little tricky because the combined wood was glaring, but once you get over this, the rest is easy! Keeping in mind the wrist snap, I will continue connecting wood and hitting nails.

By the time I hit the nail on the last bottom plate, I felt that the sound of the hammer had changed to a light one.

At first glance, it’s a big wine box, but it’s easier than you think! 

■ Apply paint 

Once the box is complete, the next step is to paint it.

The color of the paint, which significantly affects the atmosphere of the work, was decided to be a grayish pale green (pistachio green) that seems familiar to any interior after hesitation! I long for bold colors like red wine and yellow, but since I am a beginner, I give priority to familiarity.

Point 3 

A disposable container is convenient for putting paint.

Recalling when I made the memo board, I painted it with a brush along the grain of the wood, and once the whole painting was finished, let it dry.

■ Put the logo on the stencil.

It uses a stencil to add the logo when the paint is completely dry. 

Point 4

Put the stencil sheet in close contact.

As advised by Mr. Seki Seki, I will fix it in the box while checking if there is any floating part of the sheet. 

Point 5

Be cautious now not to use too much paint! 

Even as you listen to the floating of the sheet and the excessive utility of paint, follow the paint by way of tapping it with a pompon. Is it stenciled well ?

The characters that can be correctly read are stenciled !! It seems a touch blurred, but this is additionally a flavor …

■ Finish with sanding and wax. 

This is complete! I think that there is still a finishing process. 

Will it become even more fashionable from here …!? While wondering, put a sander on the box and apply more ruggedness and wax. 

Point 6

 Add texture to the painted parts with wax.

 Once you’ve waxed the whole thing, it’s time to finish!

The color of the wax blends into the region where the paint has peeled off due to sanding, giving it a delicious finish.

No matter what you store in this box, it will look fashionable.

You can use it as a remote-control stand, or if you make a box with a deeper shape and place it vertically, it may become a desktop bookshelf …? The imagination of various arrangements will expand!

I was a staff member of the at-home VOX editorial department who realized once again that DIY has steadily enriched my life


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