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Tarot Numerology: What Does It Mean?

Numerology is a fascinating branch of the spiritual world with roots in many ancient cultures, including Arabic, Indian, and Chaldean (Babylonian) Numerology, which is one of the most popular today. The study of numbers and repeating patterns is known as Numerology, which is used to explain the mysteries of the Universe. 

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Continue reading to discover the meanings of the Tarot cards as well as Numerology.

What is Tarot Numerology?

The Chaldean Order is heavily used for Numerology in Tarot and Astrology and is especially important in the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 40 Minor Arcana cards ranging from 1 to 10. The remaining 16 court cards are occasionally lowered to single digits or eliminated; for example, the Queens are officially number 12 but are reduced to 3 (1+2), and so on.

The following are the general numerological meanings of numbers and how they relate to the Tarot.

The Number Zero – Infinite

The number 0 represents the total sum of everything that is and ever will be; it is all-inclusive and full of unlimited potential. It is frequently referred to as the Major Arcana’s Fool card. This card in a tarot reading is an invitation to take a risk and venture into the unknown, safe in the knowledge that the possibilities are endless.

The Number One – Potential

In numerology, number one represents the essence of all possibilities, including the ability to create and manifest uniqueness, focus, and vision. It means the Magician card from the Major Arcana and all the Aces and the Sun card.

The Number Two – Duality

Partnerships, cooperation, the blossoming of new projects, and the art of balance are all represented by the number two in numerology. They also signify a collaboration in Tarot. The High Priestess, the 2s, and all the Pages are number two.

The Number Three – Creativity

The number three represents creation, birth, harmony, development, joy, optimism, and community. In the Tarot, it is the Empress card, the 3s, and the Knights. 

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The Number Four – Stability

The number four represents strong foundations, structure, and consistency in numerology. In a Tarot spread, it denotes secure satisfaction, rest, and stability. It’s the Emperor card and all the 4s and Queens. 

The Number Five – Change

The number five represents the link between creation and destruction in numerology. It usually means uncertainty, conflict, disruption, chaos, rebuilding, a veil lifted, and growth in Tarot readings. It is the Hierophant card, all the 5s, the Kings, and Temperance.

The Number Six – Harmony

Cooperation, communication, nurturing, nostalgia, optimism, belonging, and unconditional love are all associated with the number six in numerology. In Tarot, when the 6s are drawn, it means the same as numerology. It is the Lovers card, all 6s, and the Devil card.

The Number Seven – Reflection

In numerology and Tarot, the number seven is frequently associated with growth, judgment, truth, and wisdom. It’s the Chariot from the Major Arcana, all of the 7s, and the Tower.

The Number Eight – Accomplishment

The number eight denotes prosperity and success in numerology. However, in Tarot, it means a difficult situation and a struggle always met with personal triumph and growth. It is the Strength card, all the 8s, and the Star.

The Number Nine – Fruition

The number 9 is frequently seen as a strong and magical number in numerology. In a Tarot spread, it is a positive, abundant number that denotes surrender, expansion, enlightenment, and attainment. It is the Hermit card, all 9s, and the Moon card.

The Number Ten – Completion

The 10s represent success, simultaneous endings and beginnings, rejuvenation, and cycles in the Tarot. Although the number 10 is often reduced to the number one (1+0) in numerology and is not included in the Chaldean Order, it’s the 10s and the Wheel of Fortune card.

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