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Tabular Cam Lock: The Most Versatile Lock For Any Job

Tabular Cam Lock has all the benefits of cam locks without any of the drawbacks. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they are also incredibly easy to use and install, as well as highly customizable to fit your needs perfectly. The team at Ace Locksmith Store wants to introduce you to this amazing product, and show you how it can make all your projects easier than ever before! Take the time to find something that will suit your specific needs and you’ll have no problem staying safe from would-be intruders, whether you’re at home or out and about. One great option to consider is the Tabular Cam Lock. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and available in three different colors!

Single Cylinder Model

The Tabular Cam Lock is one of the most popular locks available today. It is a highly versatile lock that can be mounted to suit any job or application, as long as you have the right mounts and accessories. Tabular cam locks come in single cylinder models, or they can also come in push-button locking models with up to 100 levels of adjustment. No matter what type of mount you are looking for, the Tabular cam has a mount that will work for you.

Double Cylinder Model

The Tabular Cam Lock is the most versatile lock on the market today. We’ve had it out in rain, snow, hail, ice, high winds and mud-you name it. It’s been a very popular choice with our construction customers because they know they can count on it to do what needs to be done to keep their job site safe. This model has been tried and tested in a wide variety of extreme environments and conditions from around the world and has proven its dependability time and time again.

Deadbolt Model

Every door or gate can be opened and closed, but not every door or gate can have a lock on it. If you need something to secure your door or gate with, then a deadbolt is the way to go. A deadbolt is most commonly installed in front doors where the inside knob needs to be locked from the outside knob. Deadbolts are also used in sliding glass doors, which are becoming more popular these days.

Each style of deadbolt has its own benefits and disadvantages, so make sure to choose the one that suits your needs best!

Outdoor Models

The Tabular Cam Lock is perfect for keeping your belongings safe and secure while you’re on the go. This lock can be used on a variety of luggage and duffel bags, as well as camping equipment and hunting gear. The cam will allow you to secure more items because it features a rigid steel shackle that measures 1 inch wide by 9/16 inch thick. Plus, it offers versatility with its oval-shaped key hole which includes a full circle rotation of 360 degrees with 6 different points of contact.

Keyed Alike Models

Keyed alike model locks offer a simple way to give your locks the same key for easy management and increased security. Simply order two or more locks that are the same and program them with the same key code. This will allow for you to share a common key and all the locks will open when it is inserted into any one of them. If you have different lock models, there are specific models in which the keys can be interchangeable so that they work on both locks. For example, the KA-LH lock has its own unique key but can also be used as a replacement for an LS-400 or LA-50 lock if needed. You will want to match the type of cam mechanism being used as well, since not all types are compatible with each other (i.e., RS30T and FZ10).

Replacing Existing Locks

Replacing an old lock with a Tabular Cam Lock is as easy as 1-2-3. Just take the old lock off, insert the Tabular Cam Lock into the hole, put the screw into the hole, and you’re done! It doesn’t matter if your door is thick or thin; if it’s wooden or metal. And because there are five different sizes of screws that come with the Tabular Cam Lock, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not they’ll fit in your lockhole. So buy yourself some peace of mind and get one today. You won’t regret it. We also provide free shipping on all orders over $150. So order now and feel confident that when you purchase from us, you’re getting the best locks for the best price possible. Ordering is so simple; just go to our website, choose what size Tabular Cam Lock you need (or more than one!), enter your credit card information, then check out. You can even track your package using UPS or FedEx.

Security By Design

Cam locks are the most durable locking device on the market. They can be found in industries from construction to commercial food service, which means that this product is a perfect fit for any business. Let’s take a look at how it works and how it stacks up against the competition. A cam lock has two cams (or cams arms) that open and close with an attached cylinder. To open the lock, you turn one arm with your thumb while simultaneously turning the other arm with your fingers. Tabular cam locks have four sets of opening cams where traditional cam locks only have two sets of opening cams. More openings equals more possibilities! Take the leading competitor, Sargent & Greenleaf 800T-VS-VOA as an example. One advantage of this particular model is its keyway – it boasts a wider keyway than our Tabular Cam Lock does – but there are drawbacks to wider keyways as well. You see, because there is more room for dirt and debris to get inside the lock, these locks must be lubricated on a regular basis or they will freeze up when exposed to harsh conditions like cold weather or high humidity.


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