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Social Media Trend: what to expect from 2022 according to Hoot suite

The events that have characterized it will also affect the new year , both in the real world and in the digital one. A global pandemic, an economic crisis, demands for racial equality and a concern for climate change have led to resilience, innovation and creativity .

Hootsuite pulled the strings and with the global report on social media trends in 2021, based on data from 11,189 marketers, interviews and research, highlighted 5 main trends .

1. Social media are an integral part of the customer’s new shopping experience

73% of marketers say that one of the results to be achieved in 2021 is to acquire new customers through social media.

Businesses work to recoup lost sales from the pandemic, marketers focus on social media to meet an equally urgent imperative: delivering short-term ROI with targeted performance marketing tactics by creating innovative digital experiences capable of winning loyalty over the long term. term – bringing discovery, connection and enjoyment back into the customer experience.

2. Brands participate in conversations

68% of people think brands don’t share interesting content.

The increase in the use of social media has presented brands with many opportunities, but not all have been able to seize them. The smarter brands have listened to the community and sought creative and original ways to enter the conversation on social media by breaking through the wall of indifference, other brands – with a weaker strategy – have only obtained strenuous and out of place communication.

3. Baby Boomer: A generation ignored by digital marketing professionals explodes on social

70% of internet users who have purchased online in the last month are between the ages of 55 and 64.

Age stereotypes have led marketers to underestimate – and underrepresent – an increasingly savvy and profitable digital demographic: baby boomers.

4. Data integration gives marketers a new impetus

85% of companies that integrate social data with other systems are confident that they can accurately quality the ROI of social media.

Data integration is a complex process, but the survey found a much more accessible entry point that can help marketers better connect social interaction with customer identity and measurable ROI: business integration. on paid and organic social media.

5. Listening first, then action

66% of respondents say that the value of listening to social media has increased in the past 12 months for their company.

In a year marked by social upheaval, marketers stumbled under the pressure of publicly addressing issues their companies or brands had never focused on. In 2021, CMOs will have to work to help the company adapt to new shoppers’ needs and new ways of shopping . In fact, social media cannot be a beautiful showcase of something that does not exist and cannot be the spokesperson for empty promises that do not reflect the values ​​of the brand.


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