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Six design tips for enhancing your website

Creating a website is simple today, but improving its design to work isn’t easy, therefore you can always hire a team of web designers london, or try to work on its design yourself. Have you ever thought that when any user visits a website, you’ve got only 5 seconds to grab their attention and keep them engaged? Five seconds aren’t enough to impress a visitor, but in the case of a website, it’s all that you’ve got.

Therefore, if the website load time isn’t the best or the website’s navigation is everywhere, you may have to bid farewell to the visitors.

The latest trends can make any website archaic in a small glimpse, and you are only left with a bunch of few visitors. You must be wondering how to fix this and keep the users engaged? You must be thinking about how to have a website that looks attractive, works excellent, and converses the message without any confusion?

We’ve come up with the top six design tips to improve your website and make sure that no visitors go away;

Ensure your website is open and responsive

You must be aware that today people use their cell phones more than their laptops or PCs for browsing. This is the ultimate reason why websites have opted for a responsive and mobile-friendly design. In this regard, Google also penalized websites that were not mobile-friendly back in 2015.

 Therefore, if your website has a responsive version, you are good to go, and in case it doesn’t, you can’t delay it further. A website with responsive design does wonders in website SEO and enables you to place yourself in top SERPs.

Avoid distractions and lower friction.

Several elements on a website weaken the message and value that you plan to convey. Such components include lengthy content, complex animations, and a website with stocky pictures.

The audience usually has an attention span of five to eight seconds, and in this time frame, you have to be very clear about what visitors will capture from the page when they view it. Make sure the design shouldn’t distract them.

Moreover, it’s better to avoid numerous on-page animations. While scrolling down the page, if you experience each section having its personalized animation, it can be too much for a user and may divert their attention from the content given on the page.

Do not overuse animation, graphics, or multimedia.

This is linked with our previous point. If elements like animation, sounds, graphics, movies, etc., do not bring in functionality, avoid using them. These elements are beneficial only if they improve the user experience.

Pictures of products add a valuable look to the website, but if you wish to minimize the load time, it is better to use small thumbnail images like these that can be connected to larger images for users who are keen to have a close look. Moreover, it’s better to restrict the number of images visible on each page to have quick load times. Because visitors usually have less patience when it comes to downloading images, the website gets too much load.

Make your navigation simple.

There are times when your visitors may run from the website because they cannot understand the navigation, so make sure you make it a straightforward one. It is better to opt for seven items in the menu so that it’s easy to navigate around the website. 

Provide detailed information in a labels-this way, the users would want to stay for more than seven seconds on the website.

No need to panic due to white space

Whitespace is a crucial design component that enables you to divide or break the page and enhance readability. It is also known as negative space; it is mainly the area revolving around the elements given on the page that are usually empty and lacks content.

Whitespace has a crucial role in positioning and designing the website elements where more whitespace indicates the sections that are separate and guide us, the fewer whitespace hints the aspects linked to each other because of the proximity or nearness.

Utilize social media to its maximum

If you are aware of technological advancements, you will know the importance of social media today worldwide. There are around 800m users active on Instagram monthly and nearly 100m daily users on the platform of Twitter; therefore, it is critical to have social buttons for the users.

This is because there is a high chance that they will share their views and thoughts on profiles about what they liked about your website, which can enhance the presence greatly.

These are some design tips that can improve your website’s speed and content. However, these are not the only tips you should rely on; make sure to go through other tips.


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