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Signing His First Big Construction Contract Before The Age of 24 |Mehrdad Amini

The great leader Nelson Mandela once said: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

 While it takes some people years to understand what this saying truly means, Mehrdad Amini understood the importance of being passionate about a goal at a very young age. When people were trying to find jobs based on their educational accomplishments, Mehrdad Amini was already building a business based on his interests.

 Here’s all you need to know about the young entrepreneur who is now an inspiration for people across the globe…

 Mehrdad Amini grew up in North Vancouver, BC, and is the son of an immigrant family. From the time he was in secondary school, he found himself intrigued with learning new things. He joined the hockey academy, achieved a third-degree black belt in taekwondo, and graduated with an honors and principles list. He then went to UBC to study Kinesiology and ended up graduating with the top percentage in his class.

 He was also a project manager at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) – a government entity, where he was responsible for multi-million dollar tenant improvements for VCH’s healthcare facilities. However, after this experience, Mehrdad Amini realized that his innate talents were not being used to their full potential. He wanted to do something big with his life, he wanted to be the change. Hence, without a fear in mind, he followed his heart and decided to start a business. 

As far as his passion is concerned, Mehrdad Amini shares, “I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and had side hustles from a young age. My thought was, what can be better than to wake up every day and do what you love, build a legacy, and also be compensated for it?” 

When he sat down to ponder upon what business he could excel in, Mehrdad realized he had the background, knowledge, and experience to pursue the job of a general contractor. This is because his parents both worked as engineers, and he was aware of several aspects of the industry. To give life to his dream, he reached out to his parents and offered to renovate their home. He proposed to move them to a more desirable area and a higher-valued home, while he worked on his business idea.

 Luckily enough, his parents agreed and left Mehrdad Amini to his creativity. The passionate entrepreneur worked hard and was able to create a residence that was sold at a high price within two days! The successful sale served as a wake-up call and Mehrdad started reaching out to realtors who could introduce him to their clients.

Unfortunately, getting his proposal selected wasn’t easy either. After over 50 cold calls and numerous rejections later, he was able to find a realtor to sit down with him, and one business discussion plan later, Mehrdad was already on his way to set up Amini Construction. To sign his first big construction contract before the age of 24 is truly an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

 Today, Amini Construction is a highly sought-after construction firm that provides full-service construction and works on all types of projects. This includes building and renovating both residential and commercial projects. Apart from delivering outstanding results, the firm is recognized for its attention to detail, flexibility, attentive customer service, and vision to evolve the construction business.

 Mehrdad Amini also proceeded to build his company as the new face of construction that is committed, enthusiastic, and passionate about the demands of the clients. They pride themselves on being a forward-thinking, diverse team of experts.

 If you are wondering how Mehrdad Amini was able to think big at such a young age and also managed to become one of the best contractors in Canada, here’s what he has to share: “Mindset is everything,” says Mehrdad Amini. “I have a strong belief in manifesting. How you see the world and your life is how it will play out.” 

However, Mehrdad has several other projects in mind for his business and is looking for ways to expand. This includes finding new areas of work across the globe. “In life, you need to have motivation if you want to be successful,” says Mehrdad Amini. “Many people doubted me, and my ability to start a business and succeed. But I paid no heed to them and kept doing what I loved.”
 Well, the sky’s the limit for anyone who has the motivation  to succeed. And we are sure Amini Construction will soon be a household name all over the world!


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