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See some of the biggest events in the world

If you are planning to travel, learn how to enjoy the best shows.

Usually, during vacation travel itineraries, people want to have fun. One of the main search points are popular events and concerts in the country or city that will be visited. Have you ever traveled and attended a big event? If not, you can pack your bags, we will list great shows that you will definitely want to attend.

But before the good part begins, have you ever wondered how these events that attract hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, work? Extraordinary planning is needed to move the public coming by car and keep pedestrians safe. In these shows and events, it is common to have large teams, which include engineers and producers, all to maintain people’s well-being and fun.

In the topics below, we will talk about the most popular events around the world, how you can participate in them and how they work. It is a very interesting way to have an immersion and full experience of what is waiting for you. Keep reading to know more about these amazing shows.

Super Bowl

The NFL Championship Final is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the United States and the world. The Super Bowl is so popular that television channels in Latin America, Europe and Asia sell packages for those who want to watch the final. It is very common for people to broadcast the game signal over the internet too, which is a good resource for those who cannot pay for a subscription channel.

As it is an event well-known by Americans and attracts people from all over the world, it is necessary to buy tickets in advance. The Super Bowl usually starts in February, so if you want to see the best football teams face off against each other, you’d better try to secure your ticket now.

Oscars (Academy Awards)

The Oscars, unfortunately, do not include all people. It is an event for actors and actresses, directors and producers of movies and series. You may not be able to attend the Oscars, but you can certainly watch it on television and comment on the artists’ clothes on social media.

During the Oscars and other awards events, for example, VMAs, Golden Globes, among others, the internet moves a lot and everyone starts to comment on the same subject: celebrities. It is a very interesting event, not only for film and television, but also for fashion trends.


Oktoberfest is the biggest festival of German culture in the world. If you never had a good reason to want to visit Germany, now you do. Oktoberfest started in the city of Munich. Currently, it is one of the main beer events, but also has typical German foods and shows. People wear typical German clothes, with costumes from feudal times.

Women wear dresses with a corset and braids in their hair. For men, trousers with suspenders and a hat. Many Germans like the kind of representation that the event causes, it also positively moves the German economy, because it attracts tourists from all over the world.

We cite some of the most famous events in the world and why they are so popular. Did you feel like visiting Germany? Maybe visit the US or will you keep an eye on the look of the actresses? Regardless of your choice, all these options are good if you’re looking for fun. Then, you can contact your travel agency, and have a tour itinerary in hand. Good trip!


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