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Sapphire Rings: Types of Sapphires and the Specialty of Green Sapphire

How Many Colors the Sapphire Comes in?

Sapphires come in several different colors apart from the popular blue. Usually, sapphires are available in about 11 colors to be precise. Different colored sapphires have variant qualities.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires top the list in terms of desirability. These sapphires are mostly used in engagement rings – as it perfectly goes with gowns of different colors. Bluestones are the symbol of loyalty and the epitome of beauty.

If we talk about where the blue stones come from, it should be known that sapphires are mined in many locations. Moreso, the weather and other factors in different locations differently impact how these blue stones are shaped.

And when it comes to the clearest top-quality diamonds, Sri Lanka is a country known for its premium cornflower blue sapphires.

Let’s look at the sub-types of blue sapphires.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire

This stone has a natural cornflower shade which is the epitome of clarity and brightness in a stone. The vividity in terms of color is what gets blue sapphires to stand out.

Ceylon Sapphire

The reason for which this Sapphire is named so is because of the location where it is found. The Ceylon bluish stones are from Sri Lanka. In the past, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon. And Sri Lanka is a country that is known for its high-quality sapphires.

Teal Sapphire

These are the type of blue stones that either exhibit green-blue color, or give more of an iron-like shade.

Ice Blue Sapphire

The word ‘ice’ is attached to these stones because they have a pale and frosty appearance. These blue sapphires do not have a vibrant look, but rather give a dull touch.

Green Sapphire

The look of this stone is so calming – that it also symbolizes a sense of trust. Shades of these stones range from mint to dark forest.

In terms of price, the cost of green stones is comparatively less compared with other types of stones. You can buy green sapphire rings online for less. These stones are also used as an alternative to emeralds – especially due to their durable nature.

Purple Sapphire

Just like the pink sapphires, the purple ones can also be called red. This is when they have a deeper color i.e. reddish-purple. It should be known that the purple stone must not be confused in appearance with Oriental amethysts. The color is what may confuse.

From a value perspective, the yellow shaded purple sapphires are most valuable, whereas the ones with blue shades are lesser in value.

Black Sapphire

Black sapphire is a stone that is not all black in color, rather it has a slight shade of other colors. The inky hue from inclusions is what’s responsible for the refraction of light from the stone’s surface.

When it comes to the price, the black sapphires are much less costly than other sapphire stones. Also, black star sapphires are a category that’s incredibly rare.


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