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Reading Games And Activities To Make Learning Fun For Dyslexic Kids

Reading is a fundamental skill that unlocks an abundance of knowledge, creativity, and communication. But for dyslexic children learning to read can be challenging and sometimes frustrating – a neurological condition which affects how their brain processes written language – making it critical that creative ways be found to support these young readers on their journey of discovery. This article will look at various reading games and activities designed specifically to make learning fun for dyslexic kids while drawing upon resources available at Read Academy as resources and expertise providers.

Understanding Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not related to a lack of intelligence; instead, it’s a specific learning difference that affects how individuals process and interpret written language. Dyslexic children may struggle with phonological awareness, letter recognition, and decoding words, making traditional reading methods less effective for them. The key is to adapt and customize reading experiences to suit their needs.

The Role Of Read Academy

Read Academy is an organization committed to offering support and resources for dyslexic children and their families. Comprising of experienced educators and specialists, Read Academy offers invaluable insight and tools that enable dyslexic kids to make significant strides forward with reading skills – and beyond! Their holistic approach recognizes that learning should be enjoyable, and they emphasize the importance of incorporating games and activities into the educational process.

Reading Games And Activities

Word Bingo: Word Bingo is a fantastic game that helps dyslexic kids improve their word recognition skills. Instead of numbers, the bingo cards feature common words. The caller reads a definition, and players mark the corresponding word on their cards. Read Academy offers Word Bingo sets tailored to dyslexic learners, making it an accessible and enjoyable learning tool.

Reading Rockets: Read Academy’s Reading Rockets program combines reading with physical activity. Children are encouraged to engage in creative exercises while reading. This multisensory approach helps dyslexic kids associate reading with positive experiences, making it more enjoyable and effective.

Word Puzzles: Word puzzles like crosswords, word searches, and anagrams can be adapted to suit dyslexic learners. Read Academy provides dyslexia-friendly versions of these puzzles, which use larger fonts and carefully selected words to reduce frustration and promote success.

Interactive Storytelling: Interactive storytelling is an engaging way to develop reading skills. Read Academy offers interactive books with illustrations and clickable words. Dyslexic children can click on words to hear their pronunciation, helping them improve their reading fluency while enjoying a captivating story.

Phonics Games: Phonics is a crucial component of reading, and dyslexic children can benefit from phonics games and activities. Read Academy’s phonics games use a multisensory approach, incorporating visuals, auditory cues, and hands-on experiences to reinforce phonics concepts.

Reading Apps: There are various dyslexia-friendly reading apps available, and Read Academy can help parents and educators identify the most effective ones. These apps often include features like text-to-speech, adjustable fonts, and interactive activities that cater to dyslexic learners’ needs.

Storytelling Workshops: Read Academy conducts storytelling workshops where dyslexic children can express themselves creatively. By developing their storytelling skills, these children not only improve their reading comprehension but also gain confidence in their abilities.

Reading Aloud: Reading aloud as a family is a simple yet effective activity. Read Academy encourages parents to read to their dyslexic children regularly. It’s an opportunity for bonding and fosters a love for stories and reading.

Benefits Of Fun Reading Activities

Engaging dyslexic children in reading games and activities offers numerous benefits:

Reduced Anxiety: Fun and interactive activities can reduce the anxiety and frustration often associated with reading difficulties.

Improved Confidence: Success in games and activities boosts a dyslexic child’s confidence, making them more willing to tackle reading challenges.

Enhanced Phonological Awareness: Many of these activities naturally enhance phonological awareness, a crucial skill for reading.

Love for Reading: Creating enjoyable reading experiences fosters a lifelong love for reading, setting the stage for continuous learning and personal growth.


Dyslexic children face unique challenges in learning to read, but with the right support and engaging reading games and activities, they can develop the skills they need while having fun. Read Academy’s dedication to providing resources and expertise for dyslexic learners and their families is invaluable in this journey. By incorporating these activities into their daily routines, parents and educators can help dyslexic children unlock the world of reading and discover the joy of learning.


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