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Proven Strategies for Promoting Your YouTube Channel

We cannot oppose that YouTube is rapidly growing due to its convenience in marketing services and products. YouTube allows content creators to connect with their targeted viewers to share their day-to-day activities, sell products, services, and other life-changing ideas. However, growing a large fan base on YouTube requires pure dedication.

You need to develop strategies to connect with these audiences and even attract more people to your page. Well, in this article, we will provide you with proven strategies for promoting YouTube channels. So, take advantage of these strategies and grow your YouTube channel to million subscribers and views.

1. Take advantage of your other social media platforms

I mean, if you have a large following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this is where you start to get viewers. Your friends will be your first viewers on YouTube as they are eager to know what you offer. Therefore, every time you upload content on your tube channel, post a few clips on other socials and let your followers know they can watch full videos or get exclusive content from your channel.

Make sure to provide a link they can click and be directed to your YouTube channel. Also, ask your friends to share your content or YouTube link with their friends, as this can also hugely help you attract more viewers to your channel.

2. Always keep your followers engaged

You want to create a community on your YouTube channel where your followers feel welcome to your channel. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to grow your YouTube channel. Your viewers want to feel your value, their opinions, presence on your channel, and you appreciate their support as well. So, it would not harm to take time and respond to your comments on your YouTube channel.

If they did not understand some parts of your content and ask for clarification, don’t hesitate to explain what you meant. Yes, you may not respond to all comments on the video, but always try to reply to as many people as possible. The same case goes for other cross-marketing channels. For example, if you post a teaser of an upcoming YouTube video on Facebook and a follower asks a question about the video, be sure to answer them.

3. Work on your thumbnails

Thumbnails play a significant role in youtube channel promotion. I mean, this is the first thing people will see when the video pop-ups on their feed, and it can determine if one will be interested in clicking on the video or not. For example, if you are reviewing breaking news about a celebrity, be sure to include their picture and a short directing statement about the purpose of their video. Make sure to use editing apps like canva to enable you to create the perfect thumbnail pictures for each video.

4. Be consistent

You can’t post just one video on your YouTube channel and then take weeks or months before posting another video. Staying for too long before posting will make your followers forget about you while reducing your chances of visibility on YouTube. So, make sure to post at least two videos on your channel weekly. If your videos are engaging or educative, more people will subscribe to your channel to not miss out on what you post.

5. Try collaborating

This is something YouTube channel owners are trying, and it is working. Creating collaborated content with other YouTubers will help boost your channel and videos at large. Collaboration videos involve two or more YouTubers creating a video that they get to share on their respective channels.

Then, each YouTuber makes sure to tag the other collaborators on their page for exposure. Thus, you may find the other YouTuber followers following you because they want to know what you do as a solo YouTuber. Try to collaborate as much as possible with other prominent brands for extensive youtube video promotion.


YouTube channel promotion requires putting in work, money, and the right tactics to gain subscribers and even for your YouTube videos to be viewed by many people. These are the top five best YouTube channel promotion strategies to consider. Other than that, you can opt for YouTube promotions services, whereby you hire a company to promote your tube channel to gain followers and views.

If you don’t want to go with the YouTube paid promotions modes, ask for a guide from other established YouTubers. Work on collaboration videos with them to learn more about running your channel.


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