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Online Masters in School Counseling Programs

This guide is a resource for students looking for help with their school counseling or guidance counseling aspirations. Many online programs can give you the training, education, and tools you’ll need. This is a directory of some of the best online resources available for those looking to take advantage of this different career path.

 It’s easy enough for anyone with internet access for course selling and interested in getting into school counseling or guidance counseling to find out more about the programs below. The listings come from some reputable websites and from college counselors and educators who specialize in these opportunities.

What is the Online Masters in School Counseling Programs?

The programs listed below are some of the best online schools for Masters in School Counseling. Career options, job outlooks, and program specifics are discussed below. You’ll also be able to compare each school on critical metrics like tuition, accreditation, length of the degree, and more. This comparison data comes directly from the school’s official website and each program. All information is current as of November 2017.

Career Options with an Online Masters Degree in School Counseling

School counseling is a popular career choice for those who have earned their master’s degree in this field. There are so many opportunities for you to work with and help children, teens, and young adults along their path to lifelong success. As a school counselor, you’ll help students learn how to adjust in school and find the right college for them. You could work with students in public schools, private schools, or even at the college level. The career outlook for school counselors is excellent, and we’ll explore that more below.

Online Master’s in School Counseling Curriculum

Online school counseling programs will give you the same education you’d get from an in-person program. The curriculum is built on the foundation that a good counselor must have at least a master’s degree. This approach helps students learn how to work with people of all ages and backgrounds and use effective communication strategies. You might even find that some online programs are specifically designed so that working professionals can attend classes after work or on weekends.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an Online Masters Degree in School Counseling?

This is a crucial question for many people interested in earning their school counseling certificate. This answer will be different depending on each program and how quickly you can finish your coursework. We took the time to ask these schools what they recommend and what they think most students will do. The completion times listed below represent the average that most students take to earn their master’s degree with these programs. Of course, you could take more or fewer courses depending on your pace, but this should give you a good idea of what you can expect.

School Counseling and Guidance Counselor Programs in Online Programs

You’ll find a wide range of programs that provide training for working with students from these options. Here are some of the particular niches taken on by these schools. Some schools have programs focused exclusively on working with children, while others will have specializations for various age groups or grade levels. Regardless of the program, you’re interested in, you can always get more information about the specific program from the website listed below.

Online Masters in School Counseling Programs: Listings

Here are some of the top online programs that provide for selling course in-depth training to help you become a school counselor. Check out these programs and learn more about how each one can help you chart your future as guidance or school counselor.

School Counseling Clinic – Online Master’s in School Counseling Program

School Counseling Clinic is an online graduate school offering a degree in School Counseling. This is one of the few online programs that offer a Masters of Science and not a Masters of Education. In addition, this program has been approved by one of the nation’s best school counseling accrediting agencies, the Council for Accreditation and School Improvement (CASI).

 CASI is widely regarded as the gold standard for accreditation within the profession of school counseling. As one of the oldest and largest organizations within school counseling, CASI serves as a critical tool to help schools choose accredited programs that are competent in meeting their needs. Upon completing this program, graduates will receive the Master of Science in Counseling, School Counseling.


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