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Nikki Majors a Professional Gamer

Twitch streamer, and social media personality. She is mostly known for being a top player of the video game Borderlands 2, during which she became one of the most popular personalities on the streaming site Twitch.

Nikki Majors Wikipedia entry is limited to two lines with extremely vague details, giving no insight into her personal life whatsoever. Nikki Majors is a professional gamer with apparently no passions outside of gaming. She has been in various relationships over the past five years, but it’s unclear what she’s done to garner such a large social media following.

She claims to have met her current boyfriend on Twitter and fell in love shortly after. As soon as she had fallen in love with him, she decided to move from her home state of Oregon to California where he was living at the time.

Her boyfriend is a gamer named Jason [last name redacted] and his social media presence is almost non-existent aside from two Twitter accounts: one for work and another for personal use. Both accounts are private and aside from a few retweets, there is no information about him.

What’s interesting to note is the fact that she moved across the country for a man with seemingly no social media presence. Even more interesting is that he has very little online presence at all, despite being in his early 30s. For someone who works in technology, this seems out of place.

During an episode of her show “Gamer Next Door” Nikki Majors met a man named Shane [last name redacted]. This is where our story really begins…

After the TV appearance, Nikki and Shane started dating. During this time, both Shane and Jason were constantly butting heads on Twitter.

On May 27th, 2015, Nikki released a series of tweets about her then-boyfriend Shane. She stated that she was “not sure” why he was acting the way he was, and that it wasn’t like him to act so pompous on social media.

She later went on to say that she felt as if something had changed in him, and that he had become a different person. Nikki would state during a stream on Twitch that everyone close to her was telling her to “get the hell out” of Shane’s life.

During this time, she stated that they were not having physical intimation because it would be considered cheating since they were no longer together.


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