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Colors, Definitions, and Review of the New Star Wars High Republic Lightsabers

The Lightsaber of the Stallion Gio

A Jedi Master named Stallion Gios lived in the High Republic period. At their pinnacle, the Jedi ruled the galaxy. Stallion Gios started his Republic service while he was a youngster.

He started learning the Jedi ways at a young age, becoming a Jedi Padawan of Master Rana Kant. During his time in service, he held the positions of Jedi Master and Jedi Knight.

Even among old republic lightsabers, Stallion Gios’s is one of the most distinctive. This lightsaber originally appears in the 2020 book “Star Wars: Lightsaber Collection.” It was a Crossguard lightsaber, which was more distinctive than Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.
Just below the emitter, the cylindrical hilt of the Crossguards of Stallion could press inward or outward. The Crossguard opens up to help the Crossguard lightsaber’s two quillons once it is ignited.

After turning OFF the lightsaber, these Crossguards would return to their closed state. The career of the Stallion Gios was longer than usual. He needed both hands to effectively handle the hefty lightsaber because it was so large.

Overall, the Stallion Gios lightsaber is outstanding, and even in the New Republic’s contemporary day, it is rare to find a lightsaber hilt with such a high level of mechanical sophistication.

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Hinged double-bladed lightsaber of Orla Jaren

A Jedi Knight of the High Republic was named Orla Jaren. She briefly served the Jedi Order before claiming to be a Wayseeker. A Wayseeker is someone who maintains their independence from the rules and ethics of the Jedi Order. He operates in his own manner. These Jedi may be better known to you as the Grey Jedis from the films.

Of all the Old Republic and High Replica lightsabers, Orla Jareni’s was one of the most distinctive. She possessed a lightsaber with a white blade that makes us think of Ahsoka Tano, although hers was a different kind from Ahsoka’s.

The switch lightsaber, also known as a hinged double-bladed lightsaber, was in use by Orla Jaren. Orla Jaren was able to fold the hilt of her double-bladed lightsaber thanks to this kind of Old Republic lightsaber. She was able to utilize both lightsaber blades in a parallel motion because of this feature. As you are aware, Pong Krell, a Jedi Master, used a lightsaber called a Switch during the Clone Wars.

Yorrick, Ty Lightsaber Claw

Female Force-User Ty Yorrick was not first employed by the High Republic’s Jedi Order. According to the novel, she had an unrecognized but reportedly troubled background. She joined the Jedi Order and started assisting Jedi Master Stallion Gios.
Ty Yorrick swung a sleek, well-crafted lightsaber. She used a lightsaber with one of the distinctive High Republic hilts. The emitter of her lightsaber was surrounded by large claws on the hilt. Her lightsaber’s unusual purple tint only served to enhance its intriguing appeal.

It appeared as though the large claws were clinging to the purple lightsaber after turning it on. The New and the Old Republic lightsabers don’t have anything like this one.

Lightsaber of Darth Krall

Male Sith Lord Darth Krall lived during the High Republic period. He was a Jedi Master and one of the “lost twenty.” Throughout history, these Jedi masters have violated the Jedi Order’s oaths and embraced the Dark Saber of the Force. In the 2019 book “Dooku: The Jedi Lost,” Darth Krall made an appearance.

Darth Krall had a red lightsaber with a single blade and a cylindrical hilt. It was an ordinary lightsaber hilt compared to all other high republic hilts, yet even in the new Republic, these features are extremely uncommon. Darth Krall’s lightsaber was saved in the Jedi temple’s Dark relics archives when he passed away.

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